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  1. @Jasondm007 oh, thank you sir! It's a bit tricky, I tried addressing it a few times, but the implementation always was hella unstable, so I gave up trying (for now). I hope, when I have some free time I will get to it, it's the biggest limitation so far. The messages like yours are very encouraging, thank you for that! :)
  2. I think the last time the problem wasn't with Swift, it was in AppleScript that actually switches the windows/tabs (that decision is to avoid adding one more app to the accessibility dialog). I hope I'm getting better at it, but I will appreciate any help!
  3. Hey! Thanks for the feedback! I'm pretty sure it is not very trivial to do that taking into account internals of this workflow. It is a useful feature though, I might try to give it another shot.
  4. Thanks for your feedback! It turns out that is a regression that sneaked in. I just published a release 0.3.1 here: on GitHub and on Packal that should fix your issue.
  5. v0.2.8 — minor update. Added Safari Technology Preview support. Thanks to [@tinkertrain](https://github.com/tinkertrain)
  6. Thank you for the kind words! Unfortunately, it is not about what engine the browser is using, it is about what functions are exposed to AppleScript automation. For example, Chrome and Safari have full APIs (list windows and tabs and their properties, switch to the tabs) exposed to AppleScript. Opera or Firefox doesn't expose anything like that at the moment (I've even asked using some internal channels). Vivaldi, I don't know about, but seems plausible.
  7. 0.2.7 - AppleScript fix for no Chrome installed. https://github.com/mandrigin/AlfredSwitchWindows/releases/tag/0.2.7 it's pretty late, but hope that I didn't make a stupid mistake while releasing it
  8. @xilopaint hmm, I just found out that I never released 0.2.7, which fixed the bug with the Google Chrome not installed... I'll go release it
  9. Hmm, tested with no Chrome installed and it works just fine. Can you open Safari, open any webpage there, go the alfred preferences -> workflows -> open in terminal -> type ./EnumWindows --search="Safari" and post the output here?
  10. @FroZen_X I'm working on it in my spare time, but I didn't find a good and reliable way to switch to the window on a different desktop. But it is on my todo list, I use a few spaces occasionally.
  11. @M1m1s is your Alfred listed in the "Security & Privacy" -> Accessibility? It needs these permissions to be able to switch windows/tabs.
  12. Version 0.2.6 has Chrome tabs support. That was actually easier than I thought. You can update in Packal or download it from here: https://github.com/mandrigin/AlfredSwitchWindows/releases/tag/0.2.6-beta
  13. Version 0.2.5 is released. Should fix the issues with switching Safari tabs after the latest macOS update. You can download the new version here: https://github.com/mandrigin/AlfredSwitchWindows/releases/tag/0.2.5-beta Or in Packal.
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