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  1. Thank you for this very helpful advice. I shall do some more research on Spark. 👍
  2. I use the Spark email app on my Mac (OS High Sierra 10.13.6) and I want to save emails and any attachments to a folder on my hard drive ands I am wondering if it is possible to set up a workflow to do this. Has anyone done this or can give me a heads up on how to achieve it? I am not very technically minded so as much detail as possible would be very helpful! Thanks for any help.
  3. Thank you, at least I now know what I can not do!
  4. I do a lot of processing of digital images in an app (DxO Optics Pro 11) which has a selection of Presets that can be selected by clicking on a button which opens up a Preset selection window. As I find that I am using a core set of presets I would like to write a Workflow which using a keystroke as a trigger will apply a particular preset to the image I am working on. I really have not got the hang of compiling workflows and would like some hints on how to set about it if, that is, it is possible to do this. Many thanks for any help.
  5. I own a Powerpack licence which I have been using for some time on my Mac Min and I have recently been given a Macbook Air and would like to also use Alfred Powerpack on this machine, is this possible without buying a second licence and if so how do I download and insert the licence code into the app on the Macbook Air?
  6. I seem to have a similar problem with snippets in that text expansion seems to turn itself off! What happens is that when I come to start up my computer for a new session the little tick box for text expansion is not ticked although it was fine when I shut down.
  7. I like the facility to access the Alfred or OSX Dictionary for spellings or definitions but would also like to access in the same way, (i.e. directly in Alfred rather than opening the application first) a third party dictionary which I have on my hard drive—in this case the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary. Is it possible to do this? Cheers.
  8. Awesome RogerWW! Many thanks that does exactly what I want.
  9. Ah…is there anyway to achieve the result I am looking for without changing these preferences?
  10. Thanks for this. The actual scenario is that I want to paste the current date into the name field when I am saving anything, e.g a pdf, so I get the result “Name Date” and the dynamic snippet {date:short} does this in the format 16/12/2014. Is it possible for the format to be changed to 2014/12/16? Many thanks for your help.
  11. I have this simple shell script which adds today’s date when I run it: set the_date to do shell script "date \"+%y-%m-%d\"" My probem is being new and ignorant regarding workflows I do not know how to compose a workflow that will trigger this script. Can anyone help please? Cheers.
  12. Vero, thank you very much for your reply, that is helpful. One follow up question, am I right in thinking that items held as snippets are permanent? Best regards.
  13. Is there a way in which to increase the number of historical items held on the Clipboard? At the moment it seems that the 12 most recent are available, I would like to increase this number. I know in Launchbar this is possible by going to /home/Library/preference and look for at.obdev.LaunchBar.plist and changing the number from their default of 40, but I am unable to find a comparable plist for Alfred. I would like to change Alfred’s capability to 40. Thanks for any help.
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