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  1. Thank you! I'll see if I can patch it into a workflow 😬
  2. I use a keyboard that for reasons unknown is unable to send the media key codes successfully to macOS - hitting play/pause works to play/pause the currently selected media app, but hitting "next" or "prev" media keys does nothing. If I simulate these keypresses using the macos "keyboard viewer" app then the media apps all respond correctly - but opening the keyboard viewer simply to skip a track is tedious, and I don't have the screen space free to leave the viewer visible all the time. My keyboard provider (logitech) is not so far able to rectify the issue - so while I wait I thought maybe I could use Alfred to send the appropriate media key presses to the macos system in response to a command. Unfortunately the mini-player in Alfred is tied to the Music app and I'm using something else. Is there a way to get Alfred to do this? Thanks in advance for any help.
  3. Sort of wondering about the line 62 in gauth.py secret = secret.ljust(int(math.ceil(len(secret) / 16.0) * 16), '=') The secret I'm getting from Amazon (that works in other authenticators) is 52 chars long - which means that secret after this step has 12 `=` symbols at the end - maybe this not playing nicely with your staged processing of the key (as the final step in the revised approach receives '========' as the input in the amazon case). Or maybe it is OK... but regardless, if anyone has thoughts on how this might be fixed I'd value the input.
  4. Thanks for posting. Have tried to get this to work, but even after pasting in the alternative code I still cannot get Amazon OTP secret to be recognised. If I add the amazon code that works in other OTP solutions direct ~/.gauth the amazon entry does not show up, if I try to add via Alfred (the Gauth Add thing) the workflow reports an error in the format of the submission. Any ideas?
  5. Hi - Yes I got that from reading the other posting (not sure I spotted where the messaging was clearer between 4.0.8 and 4.0.9 beta - too subtle for me). Thanks for your help - have triggered the rebuild now and hopefully that will do the trick.
  6. Thanks - I did search for spotlight in forum prior to posting but it turned up nothing. Will download the beta and see what happens :)
  7. I am having trouble with spotlight on my 2015 MBA 13. Running macOS 10.15.3. Someone suggested I use the Alfred metadata reset to trigger a reindex of spotlight. I am running Alfred 4.0.8 with powerpack. I started the process to reset meta data, and clicked on the option to delete the spotlight V100 file. When I got to the part where I authorise the deletion I got this result... Attempting to delete .Spotlight-V100... Password: rm: /System/Volumes/Data/.Spotlight-V100: Operation not permitted Requesting metadata reindex... It fails. The user account has full permissions (I can get SUDO -S to work from a terminal window), so it should have worked. My guess is that the difference is that Catalina introduces "Read Only" system volume feature (see description here). I think this might be somewhere / something that needs an update - but of course maybe I'm just doing it wrong. Grateful for any advice.
  8. 🦆 Rubber Duck debugging FTW. The fix was to download and reinstall the Evernote Workflow. Huzzah!
  9. I have the same issue (typing ens followed by space sends Alfred away from running the Evernote script). So I went to check the permissions, and Alfred is not showing up in the automation part of the privacy options. Clicking on the Open macos Automation Preferences button in Alfred's Settings / General tab does not help - it takes me to the appropriate part of system preferences, but there does not appear to be any way to add Alfred to the list of things with permission. Can anyone offer any guidance on what I can do to correct this? Thanks! (running macos 10.14.6, Alfred 4.0.8 with powerpack, Evernote 7.1.3 direct)
  10. Sorry - I mis-spoke. It is not reverse order it is actually some weird random-ish order that I don't really understand. The event that finally got me to post a question was indeed apparently the creation of a list in reverse track order, but actually on deeper testing it seems Alfred is creating a playlist that has all the tracks for each album consecutively, but the tracks within each album and the albums appear in some kind of random order. Shuffle is not turned on, and they do not appear to be being sorted by some unseen value (e.g. date). Unfortunately it is hard to show this with pictures - as iTunes does not show track numbers in playlists (at least I can't get it to). But the two here show part of the album / date order listing for a band on my system, followed by the playlist that Alfred generated when I asked it to play all the albums by that band (so itunes mini / artists / play all in alfred). You can see the Alfred list is beginning with an album that is not 'first in the date list'. If you check, you'll also see that the tracks from "The Bends" (the one Alfred is playing first) are in random order... I've checked, and shuffle is turned off in my copy of iTunes. HTH The multi-playlists thing? Yes I'm syncing to several other devices, so I guess it might be a sync issue.
  11. Not really used it much before, but noticed tonight that when using iTunes mini to start playing 'an artist' it is adding their albums with the tracks in reverse order. I'm guessing that this is an unwelcome interaction between Alfred settings and iTunes settings, but can't work out how / what / where to go to fix it. Any suggestions / guidance would be great. Also - probably a forlorn hope - is there any way to get iTunes to play things from Alfred without creating a spam playlist? Tedious to have to go and delete them periodically.
  12. I regularly use iCloud services. I've got a very simple workflow installed that simply appends the appropriate iCloud service to a request - so 'iCloud mail' will go to the iCloud.com/mail page. When I enter iCloud into Alfred the iCloud workflow appears as an option in the drop-down list. But if I select it then it gets run but without any service word added (i.e. it takes me just to iCloud). I'd much rather have the option to enter enough of iCloud to get it in the list, choose it from the drop down, and then add the appropriate service before it gets acted on by Alfred. So choosing the suggested workflow replaces the partially typed iCloud and waits more typed input rather than running the workflow. Is there a way to do this? (PS I know that I could simply rename the iCloud workflow to be very short ... but wondered if there is a way to this).
  13. Could Alfred have inline conversion functionality = so if you type in 75m one of the solutions offered is various conversions of this to other distance units (e.g. 82.02 ft), based on a guess triggered by the inclusion of some qualifying symbol - so £20 would return currency conversions, 8kg would return weight mass conversions etc. ? I don't think this idea is very novel - I suspect that someone has thought of it before. If so, consider this a "+1" for that one.
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