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  1. Thanks for the workflow. How can I navigate in the network drive or mooted drive using Alfred? Please point me in the right direction Look forward to hearing from you
  2. Hope someone can help. I have a has drive, and want to know how I can navigate my nas drive via alfred navigation. Also, how can I search folders on my nas drive or even an external hdd. Look forward to hearing from you
  3. http://bit.ly/ZvKoJ5 This is a screenshot of my folder that I have downloaded. Where do I use the system ruby? When do I put in the sudo command without the brackets? Look forward to hearing from you
  4. TotalSpaces.alfredworkflow http://bit.ly/1yABrxe I need help in setting up 'Totalspaces workflow'. However, I am having problems following instructions. I have downloaded the Ruby API. Everytime I plug in the command under point 2 in terminal - I get 'command not found'. That's the first point and the second point is what to do after downloading the 'ruby api' file. Look forward to your help. You'll need to buy Alfred's Powerpack, as only it supports workflows. Then you'll need to buyTotalSpaces 2, as the ruby API for it works only for licensed version and is disabled for trial. Both those apps are worth it and could enhance your workflows significantly even if you're not using Spaces You need to install TotalSpaces gem: [sudo] gem install totalspaces2 Maybe I would make it work from the scratch using bundler or whatsoever, but hey. Clone this repo into workflows folder of your Alfred's Preferences or download and double click on it.
  5. Where can I get the following workflow, one that I can click on and it automatically adds itself to Alfred. 'Add to Evernote' File Action Trigger Thanks.
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