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  1. Hi @Andrew As far as I can tell, all fixed with 1Password 7 Version 7.0.5.BETA-0 (70005000)
  2. 1Password is well aware of the issue. See the latest here . It would appear that a fix is on its way soon. brise
  3. Hi @Andrew Good work. How is the bug you highlight resolved?
  4. Hi @Andrew 'Almost' but there is some way to go.
  5. Hi @Andrew Thanks for that. I will wait for the wheels to turn.
  6. Hi @Shraden See my comment above and @Andrew's response.
  7. Hi @Andrew Thanks for the confirmation that I will also follow up with 1Password.
  8. Hi @Andrew Thanks but it is not working in Chrome.
  9. Hi @Andrew Thanks - much appreciated.
  10. Hi @Shraden You are correct and I know that there are discussions between Alfred and 1Password underway. This thread on Agilebits forum that I have contributed to should assist - note the last few posts.
  11. Hi @Andrew Thanks for that. My default browser is Chrome and as far as I can tell open and fill is not working but this may be a bug with 1Password 7. I will pass on your latest and revert when I get a response.
  12. Hi @Andrew Just a nudge - any news on the pre-release you mentioned above?
  13. Hi @Andrew Thanks. That is good news. Regards Howard
  14. Hi @Andrew Any news on this? 1Password tell me they have been in touch. Regards Howard