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  1. @Andrew As you are no doubt aware, the issue remains with 10.13 beta 4
  2. Interesting stuff. Hopefully, Alfred will respond with a solution.
  3. Thanks for this. I am on 10.13 beta 3 and my bookmarks are showing in Spotlight. I will leave this to playout as the beta cycle progresses.
  4. hi Andrew, Still not resolved in 10.13 Beta (17A306f) Any thoughts?
  5. Hi Andrew, I guess it could be a bug with the latest beta. We will see if it is resolved with beta 3.
  6. Confirmed that Safari bookmarks are not being picked up with 10.13 Beta (17A291m)
  7. Sync for clipboard

    As the Alfred folk haven't commented, I guess this may not happen.
  8. @Andrew It is simple. The App fails to pair but does when I reinstall. Before you ask, I iuse the App with a desktop, so I am always on the same network. The fact that other users haven't reported it is meaningless.
  9. @Vero Are you suggesting iOS betas are corrupting Apps? I doubt that is the case. Furthermore, perhaps you can suggest why I have to occasionally have to reinstall the App when a new iOS beta is released? Thanks,
  10. Thanks, vitor. I am an experienced iOS user, and a registered Apple developer. I appreciate what you say but as Alfred Remote hasn't been updated for well over one year, I suggest there could be a bug with the App.
  11. Hi there, I have to reinstall the App on occasions when a new iOS beta is released. I suggest the remote needs an update. Regards Howard
  12. Hi Andrew, All good Thanks Regards Howard
  13. I have to report that 3rd party integration is broken again with 1Password 6 Version 6.5.BETA-26 (650026). I have alerted AgileBits, as I suggest the bug may be on their side.
  14. New Update died [Resolved]

    I have to report that I have the same issue as described above.