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  1. @Andrew@VeroA new Google Chrome profile solved this issue. Thanks for your time and advice in helping to solve this.
  2. @AndrewThanks for your response. I will create a new Chrome profile and advise if that solves the issue in due course.
  3. @Andrew As stated in my original post above I carried out what you suggested before I made contact. As requested, I have sent @Veromy Alfred Diagnostics report and will await her response.
  4. @Vero Yes, all else is saved correctly. I use Dropbox to sync my preferences and all is well there - I've checked. I will send diagnostics upon receipt of a valid email address and an indication of a reference to use. Thanks,
  5. @VeroAs far as I am aware, all my other preferences are saving. For example, in the screenshot I sent -safari bookmarks.
  6. I have recently noticed that Google Chrome Bookmarks are not being picked by the App. I ticked the appropriate box, closed Alfred but still nothing. I reopened Alfred and the tick had disappeared without any further input. I then deleted all permissions and reactivated them. Same result. Can you kindly assist to resolve this? Thanks,
  7. @Andrew Thanks for the update on development plans.
  8. All that is needed is a definitive response from @Andrew
  9. As the above hasn't received a response I will assume the App has been abandoned.
  10. Hi @Andrew Can you kindly provide an update on when we can expect version 2.
  11. Thanks @Andrew but I am unable to get this to work, although I followed the instructions and those from others. I will revert to 1Password, as they need to develop a solution for this.
  12. See this exchange I have had on 1Password's forum. Is the a way Alfred can link with 1Password X?
  13. I have added to your post on the 1Password forum
  14. Yes, this happening on some sites but not others, and the bug is not consistent Therefore, I doubt it is with iPassword to solve.
  15. HRD

    Alfred and Catalina

    Hi there, I can’t put my figure on it but Alfred to not picking up certain Apple Apps with Catalina, Messages, Podcasts, Music etc. Any thoughts from your side of the fence? Regards Howard
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