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  1. Hi, I have a Script Filter that populates xml results with my pre-defined items, and after selecting one of them, it creates new Mail.app Message (using NSAppleScript) with pre defined text, & subject text (that comes as an argument from Script Filter). The problem is that sometimes my Workflow stops working right after I choose one of ScriptFilter's results. It doesn't continue to (NSAppleScript) Action. Debug shows no errors, and the last logged text line is this: [INFO: alfred.workflow.input.scriptfilter] Processing output 'alfred.workflow.action.applescript' with arg 'First test title' Does anybody have experienced similar problem in the past? Thanks in advance, Romans
  2. Hi, I have a Script Filter with a keyword "KC" that populates results (using php and xml) with items I defined. This is working fine, except the fact that it also shows some unwanted items among my defined results. For example "Key Codes.app" - it shouldn't be there, but Alfred still shows them, probably because this app has letters K and C in it's name. This doesn't make sense. That's completely fine with me if Alfred show other apps like Komodo, Key Codes, Keychain Access, etc. when I start typing my keyword by typing "K". But when I finish typing my keyword "KC" it switches to my Workflow and displays results I defined. So why I still get "Key Codes.app" among these results? Thanks in advance, Romans
  3. Vitor, you saved my day. Never saw this coming Everything is working now. Thank you once again, R.
  4. Hi, my first post is a little bit long, but I spent some days in Google before posting here, so I hope to get help. I am trying to create workflow using AppleScript that creates Mail message for me with some links in the footer of the mail body. The problem is that I can't insert links this way, because it places this html as Plain text instead of Rich text: set FooterText to "<a href=\"http://example.com\">Example link</a>" I was trying to find a way to convert html text to Rich text, and found that it can be done with "textutil" from a Terminal app. Running this command from Terminal app works fine: echo '<a href="http://example.com">Example link</a>'|textutil -inputencoding UTF-8 -format html -convert rtf -stdin -stdout|LC_CTYPE=UTF-8 pbcopy I can then open Mail app and paste "Example link" as a rich text, and this link is working. However I can't do the same using "do shell script" from Applescript (NSAppleScript). First I thought it is something to do with escaping characters, so I did a test with <b>bold</b>, but it didn't work, too. Then instead of using "do shell script" I tried "do script" by telling application "Terminal" same script that was working in Terminal app, but it doesn't work from AppleScript, too: on alfred_script(q) set myHtmlText to "<b>bold example</b>" tell application "Terminal" do script "echo " & quoted form of myHtmlText & |textutil -inputencoding UTF-8 -format html -convert rtf -stdin -stdout|LC_CTYPE=UTF-8 pbcopy" end tell end alfred_script Error msg says: "Expected end of line but found identifier." pointing to "|" before LC_CTYPE Any ideas why it is not working? Thanks in advance, Romans
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