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  1. First problem: A only finds 40 files at most in a ("Default") search. This is woefully inadequate. Is there any way to increase this to, say, 1-200? Second problem: There is no way, as far as I can see, to specify categories always included in the search results. That is, I would like to always find multiple file and folders matching the word I put into the search box. This could be done if the category list ("Essentials", "Extras") could be configured by percentage or, more crudely, by number. Specifically, suppose that I have a folder named "Consciousness" buried under several folders, and many pdfs with the term "Consciousness" in their titles. Well, in A as it's now set up, I will only find a max of 40 pdfs with the word "Consciousness" in their titles, and will not find the folder with that name. This does not happen when I use Spotlight; the results there are automatically divided into categories, and the folder will always be found. I don't want to have to configure a workflow to do this; that adds another step, unless that workflow can be included in the default search.
  2. Yes, but chaining would be MUCH easier. In addition, if you look at *sophisticated* macro programs like, e.g., Keyboard Maestro, with those you can go INTO AN APPLICATION and make menu choices, etc. WHY can't we do this in Alfred?? No, I do NOT want to write Applescripts. No, I do NOT think that Alfred shouldn't be able to do this, when there are several programs out there that will. I used to be a programmer, back when linear programming was pretty much it. So, yes, I *could* learn Applescript. But *WHY* should I? Believe it or not, I have a life now, and it does not include programming beyond relatively simple macros such as those in KM above. Applescript has a learning curve that I simply don't have time for now.
  3. YES!!!!!! I cannot imagine why we can upload some workflows which are *designed* to feed into others, and NOT use the templates (and others) provided to CHAIN WORKFLOWS.
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