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  1. ok I was trying to edit host file and first problem was permissions. so I would need a proxy server, configure it with blocked sites and launch it with a workflow. this should do the job. I'd like also to block apps... how can I block an app from being opened? basically, I'm trying to mimic this app: https://heyfocus.com
  2. Is it possible to build a workflow that block some website and another to stop blocking them? could be based on edit the host file or there is some other way to do it? thanks
  3. no it's default number (50), never changed. also tried to rebuild library but it's the same
  4. I can see only the last five added albums in "My music". Is it possibile to set a different number (higher)?
  5. Hi and thanks for sharing this great workflow! Is it possible to change sorting order of album in your music > album? in spotify I've always set My Music to "recent" to see last added albums. would be great to have that order in the workflow
  6. RodgerWW, thankyou for the answer. I understand that I don't have to use a workflow action to load the URL, instead I have to use a line in the script to load it. but how do I load URL in the script? then, where i can find which commands I have to use in Applescript to interact with Chrome (or any other software)? can you point me to some beginner resource to apple scripting? thank you
  7. Also, I don't want to really quit finder, I just would like to close all finder windows. is there a command for this? thankyou
  8. Hi, I'm totally new to Alfred and to workflows. and also to scripting I bought Alfred to create shortcuts for setting some simple "work environments". that means to close unused apps, open needed apps, documents and webpages. It should be easy! I've done some experiment and I've successfully created a workflow with a trigger and two actions. the first action is an Apple script that quite some applications: on alfred_script(q) tell application "Safari" to quit tell application "Google Chrome" to quit tell application "Mail" to quit tell application "Contacts" to quit t
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