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    johnnyxhuynh reacted to Vero in Alfred 3 upgraded to macOS 10.15, why I can see two references to the same app   
    @akido Type "reload" into Alfred to force the application cache to be refreshed; You're seeing the pre-Catalina and Catalina location for your apps, so reloading will remove any old legacy locations.

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    johnnyxhuynh got a reaction from John G in Alfred doesn't seem to find Apple Notes   
    Hello, just noticed Alfred wasn't searching Apple Notes and found this thread. My current workaround on High Sierra is to try to remember to use the build-it Spotlight (mapped to Shift+Control+Space) when I want to search for something I know is in Apple Notes. For me, that's a bunch of small random bits of information. Would prefer not to move to another solution like Evernote at this time.
    Does anyone know if there's been any updates on this front? Thanks!
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    johnnyxhuynh reacted to Andrew in Alfred file search: sort by date?   
    @cstsoi thanks for the update on this - the bug reports I had made to Apple were closed as fixed for 10.13.2, so it looks like the three issues I documented in our bug forum have now been fixed:
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    johnnyxhuynh reacted to Tyler Eich in How to change default web searches   
    Check out the 'Setup fallback results' button toward the bottom of 'Features > Default Results'
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