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i have an idea. But I'm not smart enough to do this. Can someone help? 

I control my lamps with fhem. Can I now control fhem with Alfred?


I can do it now with keywords and a bash-script:

curl -k https://username:password@fhem:8083/fhem?XHR=1&cmd=set%20lamp%20toggle



But i have to do this for every lamp. Can not read all devices from fhem? I can download a JSON-File with all lamps with this url:

https://username:password@fhem:8083/fhem?cmd=jsonlist2 TYPE=FS20&XHR=1


How can I automate this now?

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In theory, you can read the JSON list of devices, then send a command to each device in the list.


That shouldn't be very difficult to do in terms of coding, but you'll have to provide more information first, in particular how you expect the workflow to work and the JSON list of devices.

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Sorry, here:

  "ResultSet": {
    "Results": {
      "00": "10",
      "ATTRIBUTES": {
        "IODev": "CUL433",
        "group": "Beleuchtung",
        "room": "Wohnzimmer",
        "sortby": "01",
        "yaf_1": "id=3,fhemname=Lampe,y_pos=223,x_pos=546,name=iteasylamp,"
      "CFGFN": "/opt/fhem/FHEM/Wohnzimmer.cfg",
      "CODE": {
        "1": "000fffff01"
      "DEF": "000FFFFF01 01 10",
      "IODev": "CUL433",
      "NAME": "Lampe",
      "NR": "62",
      "READINGS": {
        "protocol": {
          "TIME": "2015-03-27 19:11:45",
          "VAL": "V1"
        "state": {
          "TIME": "2015-10-13 07:30:00",
          "VAL": "off"
      "STATE": "off",
      "TYPE": "IT",
      "XMIT": "000fffff01",
      "XMITdimdown": "00",
      "XMITdimup": "00",
      "XMITon": "01"
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