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Request for Google Ngram Workflow

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I frequently use Google's Ngram in my work. https://books.google.com/ngrams

It is a brilliant service which looks into Google's massive database of scanned books to show frequency of use.

Each time I have to do the following:

- Go to the website

- Type in my terms, seperated by commas

- Check the "case-insensitive" box

- Change the date of the corpus from 1800-2000 to 1800-2016

- Click Search Lots of Books


It is begging for a Workflow, but I have neither the time nor skills.

Happy to make a donation if someone cares to try their hand at this.


Thank you,


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It looks like all the parameters are included in the URL, so if you are using the same settings every time, you could just create a custom web search with the URL set to




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Sorry for the delay in replying.

Two things:

1) ngram is based on two (or more ) queries, not just one.

2) creating this as a Custom search or Workflow is above my pay-grade.

Grateful if someone could help out with this. 

Thank you.

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{query} in the custom search refers to what you've typed into Alfred - you can type in a comma-separated list of terms, and it will search for each term, just as if you had typed it into the ngrams search box.


Here are the directions for creating a custom search : https://www.alfredapp.com/help/features/web-search/ - basically you need to click the Add Custom Search button and paste the URL I provided above.


It's really not hard to do, and well worth looking at so you can try the solutions other people have provided (preferably before saying they don't work....) even if you are not going to be creating your own custom searches.

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