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  1. Get the current URL as a URL, Page Title or Markdown link. There are three snippets which paste immediately in the active app, and three Universal Action triggers which will copy to the clipboard when invoked on a URL. https://www.dropbox.com/s/dl/wisja3ppi2g31aw/Browser snippets.alfredworkflow Originally based on https://www.asianefficiency.com/technology/save-time-with-expert-level-textexpander-snippets/
  2. yes please! this would be a great help!
  3. Hi I started building my own workflow to search and open groups & just came across yours. I have a Q. re: your AppleScript - it looks like you run a recursive function to get all the subgroups - which was where I was struggling....is this correct, and is there no other way to do this? thanks Here's my script filter code, featuring annoying tricks to avoid reserved words in AS, decent on the free JSON Helper app in the MAS: https://gist.github.com/derickfay/8ee52862be556f5e3eb9c759514f26b2
  4. Looks great, but it doesn't show the date for future all-day events. Haha Nandos - are you in ZA?
  5. I'm working on resolving some issues in a BibDesk search workflow, and the script works fine externally but not in Alfred. Unfortunately the errors are appearing in the log after it's truncated. Is there any possibility of an option to shut this off?
  6. That's the AS code to get the computer name. I'd run that line by itself in Script Editor to see how it works. I just used the open command but you could have it return different strings with the paths if you'd prefer. Presumably you'd need to change the tell as well - the open command is specific to ChronoSync. See https://discussions.apple.com/thread/7761153
  7. I love idea #1 re: variable truncation. I’ve been dealing with a similar issue in DEVONThink & there it seems there’s no way to control truncation.
  8. Which time zone workflow is this? If you can post in the original thread that will have the best chance of getting the creator / maintainer's attention.
  9. I don’t know if this is intentional but if you’re using Ulysses and focused on a sheet (in the list) the Universal Action returns and lets you act on the sheet’s URL. Which is freaking awesome b/c it’s a bunch of keystrokes or option-right-click otherwise.
  10. Yeah there’s a lot of nice stuff with the external keyboard that hasn’t been really picked up in the coverage of iPadOS 15 to date. There’s also a floating equivalent of the MBP Touch Bar but on screen. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a new Swift UI component which Cloutie is using as well. See https://developer.apple.com/documentation/SwiftUI/ToolbarItemPlacement/keyboard?changes=_1
  11. Yes, it’s all keyboard-driven. TBH I’ll probably stick with Benzi’s workflow which still works for me (may be b/c I haven’t updated it?). But I love the idea of expanding the feature in Alfred. Here’s an attempt at a video: https://share.icloud.com/photos/0FFDw0ntGuGKyJLjIITKOIBVQ
  12. Really Moom is the best for that aspect. I haven’t really looked at Bunch but you could always have it call Moom at the end.
  13. On iPad OS 15 (PB 1), you hold the Globe key or hit Globe-M to bring up the global keyboard shortcut and menu viewer, and hold command or for app-specific, and/or you can hit command-? to go straight to the menu search. I’m not having much luck finding a video demo, but it’s a really nice UI that I’d like to see ported to the Mac. See https://sixcolors.com/post/2021/06/think-globally-the-ipads-new-universal-keyboard-shortcuts/
  14. My only concern would be that since (something very similar to) this is native in iPadOS 15 it might be coming to the Mac, too….
  15. I've just posted in your GitHub repo a possible implementation for a new feature to move selected notes into the folder returned by the workflow. I'd also love it if Alfred could learn the folder search results to facilitate moving batches of notes to the same set of folders.
  16. This is great - I hadn't updated in ages so I missed the linking capabilities until now... I love that it can search for Monterey / i(pad)OS 15 hashtags on Big Sur, too.
  17. That’s correct. Alfred is a user interaction-driven tool — for what you describe you’d need an app like Hazel, or MacOS folder actions, which are set up to monitor background activity.
  18. take a look at It can’t do exactly what you’re asking but the raw material is there.
  19. Alfred 4 came out in May 2019. I don’t think version 3.x is supported on Big Sur.
  20. Unless Shortcuts can do Script Filters or the equivalent, I don’t see this happening. See
  21. Is there any chance of extending this or making it user-extensible? Right now I have a hotkey set to act on the current selection on Mail & pull up a List Filter with some workflows & actions but this would be better I think. I have no idea if NSUserActivity could be deployed here but it seems interesting as a possibility. https://developer.apple.com/wwdc21/10264
  22. @Vero is there anything in particular that needs testing? & will there be full release notes available soon? thanks
  23. Thanks - runs great on Big Sur. I added Universal Action triggers to my case converter workflow and it was trivially easy to do (though my muscle memory is such that I'll probably stick with hotkeys for that one ). Now available here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3k2lh21g5wnqrkp/Case Converter 2.alfredworkflow?dl=0
  24. All of these are easily recreated in Alfred by setting up hotkeys that act on the current selection - see most recently:
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