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  1. That’s not likely to help - the underlying problem is a Spotlight issue. I’d avoid using root for anything not absolutely necessary.
  2. If I'm not mistaken the pull down menu is what's referred to in AppleScript as a pop up - the Keynote script above uses this code to select a preset from the same kind of menu: set thePopUp to first pop up button of sheet 1 of window 1 whose description is "Presets" click thePopUp click menu item "6x" of menu 1 of thePopUp
  3. UI scripting can be done in AppleScript (and I think it will be the same process for Alfred and KM, but I don't use KM) -- but it does tend to be fragile. see this for an example that still works after six years, with a print sheet (i.e. same kind of element you're looking at) https://github.com/derickfay/keynote-to-pdf I was only able to create this by using the script here to identify the UI elements: http://hints.macworld.com/article.php?story=20111208191312748 see also the resources in this thread:
  4. right - I get that - just saying that there's another way to find the exact keyword or name that you can then enter in the prefs
  5. Couldn't you make an alias to a folder full of snippets that only exists on one computer, & stick that in the synced snippet folder? update: nope, that won't work as the Alfred Preferences don't seem to resolve aliases....
  6. Note that if you use the snip keyword it does give partial matches. Not the same but it should make it easy enough to find what you're looking for in most cases.
  7. I've moved all my snippets from TextExpander to Alfred, and it's actually pretty easy to create the equivalent of a nested snippet using snippet triggers in a workflow . Not as simple as in TE but easy to do if you don't anticipate continuously creating a lot of new ones (which is still easy but a bit of work.) Here's an example: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xu8afkqd4hfzgn2/nested snippets.alfredworkflow?dl=0 The snippet values are stored as environment variables and the first two snippet triggers show how to use them. The third shows how to use a list filter to replace the address value on the fly.
  8. Yeah i’m in the exact same situation. No rush at all.
  9. I suspect this is unfortunately the issue: ”macOS 10.15 Catalina bans third-party applications from searching the Mail.app Spotlight index. On macOS Catalina, HoudahSpot will thus no longer be able to find your Apple Mail messages.” From https://blog.houdah.com/2019/07/is-houdahspot-optimized-for-upcoming-versions-of-macos/
  10. I don't, was just being lazy. Updated to actually parse the query rather than sticking it in a list and hoping for the best.
  11. I was focused on speed of entry hence the fixed folder. Otherwise there’s either a fourth string to include in the text or an additional entry box. By that point you might as well open preferences and do it natively. It might be possible with a file filter, though - let me look.
  12. Just figure out why you can't drag these. As hinted at (but not really explained) here the draggable area is only the border padding. Which is set to as small as possible in these - which makes them look so good imho. But it also makes them almost impossible to drag (there's actually a tiny square in the top left where you can drag...). @Andrew could you consider allowing some other theme elements to work as drag handles?
  13. These are in the environment variables for the workflow. You can set them through the GUI without editing the script - you click the [x] icon in the top right of the workflow screen, and a panel will drop down where you can set them. I believe the devs recommend against using iCloud Drive for Alfred's preferences. But in any case you should be able to go to your Alfred.alfredpreferences file location (as set up in Settings > Advanced > Syncing > Set preferences folder... ) then add /snippets/ to the end of that path.
  14. Two options (among many): 1. you can create a file action to open in a particular app so you don’t need to navigate the submenu 2. you can do it the way you describe a couple more times and Alfred should learn your default action
  15. See for the background. Snippet Creator adapted from https://github.com/derickfay/import-alfred-snippets There are two keywords, both of which result in the creation of a new snippet: sc - (single step) Required fields: name|keyword|content -- separated by | sc2 (multi step) - Enter the snippet text, then you'll be prompted for the keyword / name -- in the interest of speed and simplicity the name is set to the keyword. sc2 also has triggers to pre-population with selected text or clipboard contents set prefsPath in the environment variables to the path to your snippets folder - e.g. "/Users/someuser/Dropbox/Sync/Alfred 4/Alfred.alfredpreferences/snippets/" and newSnippetFolder to your desired target folder The workflow posts a notification on success to remind you of your newly created snippet. https://www.dropbox.com/s/85nc52o241qobvm/snippet creator.alfredworkflow?dl=0 Version 0.2: - updated to use a pipe | as a delimiter instead of a comma, and to remove the requirement to enclose text in quotes Version 0.1: initial
  16. I've adapted https://github.com/derickfay/import-alfred-snippets to run from a workflow and would be happy to post it. First though, let me ask @Andrew are there any problems likely to arise from adding a .json file to "...Alfred 4/Alfred.alfredpreferences/snippets/" while Alfred is running? I haven't encountered any but it still makes me nervous to mess with the preferences of a program while it's running.
  17. See If Spark has added scripting it’s possible, but I’d be surprised given the company’s record.
  18. This is actually really nice - now that I'm used to Drafts on iOS where one starts with text and acts on it. I had ignored the thread the first time round but I need to give this a try on a regular basis. What would it take to allow execution of keywords / list filters / script filters as well? Ideally I'd like to set up a whitelist of a half dozen or so that I could use, leaving all other disabled. Frequently I'll use searches to locate a book in libraries, for example, then run a workflow to download the citation and add it to BibDesk.
  19. I'm not sure I'd like holding down a modifier key while typing keywords and arguments.
  20. I use Hazel to do this - since a DT database is a package you could just have Hazel add the tag to every file within it, I believe.
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