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Microsoft Office apps not indexed by macOS


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Hey, Guys


I'm trying to use Alfred3 to open some applications which in the /Application folder.

It can find most of applications. However, Alfred3 cannot find some of Applications. For example, it cannot find Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, but it can find Microsoft Outlook.



Alfred3: 3.4[850]






Is there anything wrong for my setting? 


More than Thanks!

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Hi @houserenren Welcome to the forum :)


Alfred relies on macOS to provide results for apps and files, and it looks like Microsoft apps may not be correctly indexed by macOS.


- Try opening Spotlight's Preferences to the Privacy tab

- Drag your Applications folder to it and wait 30 seconds.

- Remove the Applications folder from the Privacy tab and wait another 30 seconds to allow macOS to reindex the folder

- Type "reload" into Alfred and search again


Let me know how you get on.




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