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Get type of files or data and debugger

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Hi guys and girls, 


I have a couple of questions related to workflows. I want to do a workflow which should be able to distinguish between types of selected objects - text, folders and files. Based on type it should perform different actions. 


  1. How does a argv object internally looks like? Does it even provide a mime-type information or converts everything to text?
  2. How can I properly debug workflows? With built-in debug I get only the output in the console. Is it possible to have a look into the argv object structure or set breakpoints in scripts? 
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I'm not sure what you mean by "arg v object".


If you mean the input to a Run Script, ARGV works exactly the same as with any other command-line program. 


Text is passed as $1 and multiple files are passed as $1, $2 etc.


Workflows are not plugins and do not have access to any of Alfred's internal objects. They are external processes. If you want to set breakpoints, you'll have to use a debugger appropriate to the language you're using.

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