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Support for Hotkey Sequence as trigger? (E.g. cmd+k, cmd+u)

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Does Alfred support hotkey sequence as a trigger? For example, I want that "cmd+k, cmd+u" triggers an event. Sublime Text (ST) supports these sequences and it would be very useful in Alfred as well. For example, in ST "cmd+k, cmd+u" changes text to upper case and  "cmd+k, cmd+l" changes text to lower case. Note that the cmd key doesn't has to be released for the sequence.


Is there a way to do this in Alfred?

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Dear @greghoch, you made me thought that I could write a small post about a workaround that I had in mind... The idea is to use the Snippets trigger as a workaround. So please, look at my post in the other thread to have a look and idea of how this could be done ("in some way") (Just click the link below). I've made an example like Sublime to modify text to uppercase using cmd+k, cmd+u in the attached workflow (translated to alt+k, alt+u using a snippet trigger). It's not as transparent, but could be useful ;) Hope this helps!


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Have a look at it or you may also prefer to use a List Filter or Script Filter that is activated using a Hotkey with the text selection and that would output a list of actions... Example: cmd+k as the hotkey and then you write "u" to filter the list to the Uppercase action or "l" for the Lowercase action, so the keypress combination could be something like: cmd+k+u+Enter



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