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Dash documentation lookup

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I was still missing the dash extension of v1, so I created a really simple workflow to integrate Alfred and Dash. Dash is a handy application to lookup developer documention and snippets, saves me  a lot of time compared to 'Googling' these simple questions all the time (e.g. the order of parameters for a the array functions in PHP). 

Right now the extension (v0.1) has two basic functionalities:


-Lookup in alfred with the keyword 'dl'

   Example query: 'dl php:array_reverse' => Just the results for php

   Example query 2: 'dl pop' => Results for all languages


-Opening Dash with a keyboard shorcut and push the current selection

 Right now the shortcut is Ctrl + shift + e


I'm aware of the system service of Dash which can handle this, but for me that's not working out very well.


To be able to use this workflow you need to have Dash installed

Extension can be downloaded here


This is the first workflow I created for other users, so if there are any errors / mistakes please let me know. I'm also curious about what features you guys like to have, I'll try to add them if it can be done in reasonable time. 

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