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  1. This should cause Dash to stop modifying the workflow: 1. Quit Dash 2. Right click the workflow in Alfred and choose "Edit Details" and set the Bundle Id to anything other than "com.kapeli.dash.workflow" 3. Modify the workflow and delete the extra keywords you don't want 4. Relaunch Dash
  2. Quick Look (Shift to preview) is supported in Dash 3.3.0 with Alfred 3.
  3. Fullscreen apps are different from spaces. There's no way for me to prevent Dash from changing the space from a fullscreen app when it's launched. You could try setting Dash to the HUD window style mode or set it to Assign to... > All, but I'm not sure that would work. My recommendation would be to keep Dash open
  4. @vitch It's not normal not to have the "Assign to..." option in the dock. Do this: 1. Open at least 2 spaces 2. In Dash's Preferences > General make sure "Dismiss main window when I activate a different app" is disabled 3. Make sure Dash's main window is open and right click the dock icon again I'm not able to view the video you made. I keep getting this: "The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request.". Can you upload it somewhere else?
  5. The only way I'm able to replicate this is if I right click on the Dash icon in the Dock and go to "Options > Assign to... This Desktop" and after that the desktop/space is changed whenever Dash launches, which causes Alfred to be left behind on the old space. Without setting that option I'm not able to replicate it. @vitch can you check if you have this option enabled? If yes and this is the behaviour you want, there's nothing I can do on my end to get the Alfred window to relocate to the new desktop/space after it's changed by the Dash launch. The only thing I can do is to make sure Dash launches on your current space/desktop, which seems to work fine as far as I can tell, as long as it's not assigned to a certain space. As far as I'm aware, there's no way to prevent an app from changing the active space at launch when that option is enabled. @Andrew Maybe you can watch for space change notifications and move the Alfred window when that happens?
  6. Again, Dash is not about autocomplete. Dash is about docs. This is something your IDE should do, not Dash.
  7. You can copy a result by triggering it using the ALT modifier. It's the first time I hear of the <copy> field. Can you point me to the docs for it? Are you trying to replace your IDE's autocomplete with the Dash workflow? This is very very hard to add and the benefit from it is minimal. It's also beyond the scope of Dash. Dash is about docs, Dash is not supposed to provide some autocomplete functionality for your editor. That's up to your IDE to provide. If you have any other feature suggestions, let me know. I'm happy to add new things.
  8. The default action is to paste the snippet, so there's no modifier required for that. You can add "keyword triggers" to search profiles within Dash and any keyword you add will also be available in the Alfred workflow. For instructions on how to add keywords to search profiles, see http://kapeli.com/dash_guide#searchProfiles.
  9. This is a known bug and it should be fixed in the next bug. Just to make sure it's not a different bug: what do you mean by "every time I update"? What do you update? Dash or Alfred? Did you find any set of steps which when performed will cause the hotkey to be lost?
  10. To expand & copy snippets I need to get a callback to Dash. Pressing CMD+C doesn't do that. Due to the dynamic nature of the Dash Alfred workflow, I can't allow customisable modifier keys without making a separate interface for that inside Dash, which I won't at least for now. That's not possible. Dash just displays doc pages, it has no notion of .split syntax or how to use it or generate code for it.
  11. Great news! Andrew just sent me a beta build of Alfred which adds support for workflows to define custom subtexts based on modifiers. I'm going to start adding support for this today and it should be part of the next update of Dash. Modifiers and actions I'll implement 1. CMD - open in browser (for doc pages) and expand & paste (for snippets) 2. ALT - copy result name (for doc pages) and expand & copy (for snippets) 3. No idea. What else?
  12. @Shawn: hidden features is not something I am willing to spend time on. Sorry.
  13. The alternative is to not do anything and wait for when I can do it properly. Users get annoyed by half-baked features, while very few get annoyed by missing features. Snippets are currently opened in Dash when you press Enter in Alfred, and if you press Enter again (while in Dash) they get expanded. It's just one extra key press. If I'd make it so that you can only expand snippets from Alfred, I'd get complaints from users that want to find a snippet to edit it or do something else.
  14. Dash returns results of 2 types: snippets and doc pages. What you describe allows me to define a global modifier subtext, while what I need is to define different modifier subtexts based on the result type.
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