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Custom Web Searches keep deleting


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If you have setup syncing, there could be a Dropbox sync clashing issue and they keep being removed. Might be worth de-syncing and trying again?


It may also be an auto-cleaner type app pulling the rug from under Alfred's feet.

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Tried setting the sync folder to one that is just on my mac but the same happens - is there any way to stop syncing?


The only auto-clean software I use is Hazel and I don't have actions linked to either folders I have used.


Please help! 

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As this behaviour isn't normal, I suggest quitting Alfred 2 then repairing OS X disk permissions in Disk Utility.app. Then reset Alfred back to scratch using this guide:




And restart Alfred as a new install. If there is a permissions issue preventing him from writing everything he needs, you may get unpredictable behaviour.

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You are definitely not being a pain! I want to identify what this issue is and sort it out for you. I am currently adding in a stack load of extra debugging for 2.0.2 to see exactly what is happening, where preferences are being persisted and if they cannot be persisted. Once this is done in a few days, we can sort this out once and for all.


For now, could you try creating a new user account and running Alfred from that user... (not a solution, but an interesting experiment).

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Went into a different user account and the issue was not happening.  


So rebooted my macbook and the issue has gone away in my main account.


Not to sure what resolved the issue as it had continued despite rebooting the machine previously!  I can tell you the issue has gone, all custom searches etc are not disappearing...


If the issue returns I will let you know - many thanks for your support.



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