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So I'm a newbie, but I've managed to install Google assistant using terminal and can access it there. 

I want to use this alfred workflow http://www.packal.org/workflow/google-assistant to launch Google Assistant in the background but can't get the workflow to talk to python.


Currently I have to type "

source env/bin/activate

and then:

python -m googlesamples.assistant.grpc.pushtotalk

The way the workflow is originally does not correspond to the steps I take to launch Google Assistant using Terminal. 


Can someone help me modify the workflow script to allow me to use Alfred to trigger Google Assistant?


Many Thanks,




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Hi Stephan,


Can you upload your workflow that isn’t working somewhere, and link to the Google library you’re trying to run?


We can’t really tell you what’s wrong with a workflow we’ve never seen.


If you’re running “activate”, presumably you’re trying to use a virtual env. Alfred doesn’t use your shell’s environment. If you’re trying to run something that isn’t on the default PATH, you need to specify an absolute path to the program in Alfred. 

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