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iCloud Drive file not showing in Alfred

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I was just trying to search for a file in my iCloud Drive, and Alfred won't turn it up -- but Spotlight will. It might be a one-off issue, as other iCloud Drive-based files and folders seem to be showing up ok. 


When I put in the file name in Spotlight, it turns up:



...and when I search for it in Alfred, I see nothing but my default Internet search options:




(also, no idea why the type in this screenshot looks weird — it's normal in reality). 

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Just noticed that in the Spotlight result I put in above, the file I'm searching for seems to also retain its original default screenshot name. When I search Alfred for part of that name, it comes up, and shows the new name too. Weird! 



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13 minutes ago, vitor said:

Alfred Preferences → Features → Default Results → Search Scope. Check if ~/Library/Mobile Documents is present. If it’s not, add it.


Yep, that search scope is in there. As I said, other files in iCloud Drive are showing, but this one isn't and I think it's related to the fact that I renamed it.

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