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[SOLVED] Three keywords search in private window

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Posted (edited)

Hey guys,


I am quite new to Alfred and workflows, but I think and believe the following problem should be easy for you.

Basically what I wanna do is to look for three different keywords on three different websites in private mode.


What I have done so far, you can see below at the screenshot.


Now, two things that I haven't achieved yet:

1) How do I make the search in all private mode? I won't to have neutral results, and not the results based on my preferences that Amazon and Google know.

2) Google, Amazon and Ebay are predefined by Alfred. How to I add a third (or fourth site) website for a search, e.g. https://www.gearbest.com/={query}-_gear/?

3) Is there a way to have also a Screenshot, or PDF print of all those then 9 websites? That would be lovely!


Ideally it should work without starting the specific browser first. I also do not mind about the browser. Safari, Firefox, or Chrome work, but the search has to be conducted in private mode.


Thanks for your help!


Downloadlink: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7az9eq0h5i0rfp9/Brand Search.alfredworkflow?dl=0


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Welcome @michael_e,


When asking for help with a Workflow, please upload it somewhere so we can better help you. Read the Reporting Problems with Workflows topic, as it gives a nice overview on how to build an effective report.


But some quick notes:


On 1: It’s possible, but not without coding. Fortunately, since you don’t care about the browser, that’s easy enough to do.

On 2: You use the Open URL Action.

On 3: Yes, but it may not return the exact same results and be more bothersome to do than the rest of the Workflow. So if it’s a “nice to have”, I’d scrape that for now.


5 hours ago, michael_e said:

Ideally it should work without starting the specific browser first.


Without starting the browser? What do you mean? How can you have a browser web search without opening the browser? Do you mean stating?

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Thanks for the help vitor!

I edited the post and added a dropbox download link for the workflow.


On 1: can you do it? Preferably Chrome, but as I said, any browser works. That is the main task I'd like to have done. The public search did not provide any help.

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