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Simple UI for specific use case of advanced snippets

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I've recently migrated all of my snippets from Dash to Alfred. Figured I might as well have one tool for everything and Alfred covers all the bases I need.


However, I'm missing a huge piece of functionality from Dash, the ability to include variables in snippets. 

Now, I've googled and found all the references and recommendations to achieve this with a snippet triggers in Workflows, the problem there (or maybe I'm doing this wrong?) is that I need a workflow for each snippet, at this point, after using Dash for ~6 years, I have about 200 snippets that I migrated over with code (using https://github.com/derickfay/import-alfred-snippets).

It also introduces a lot of overhead when creating a new snippet.


So, if regular snippets are a car, workflows with a snippet trigger are a jet plane, where what I'm looking for is a paper airplane :)


Ideally, I'd like to be able to create a new snippet like


name: "Set Upstream"

keyword: "upstream--"

snippet: "git branch --set-upstream {var:branch} origin/{var:branch}"


Where using it will popup a little box that allows me to fill in the value for {var:branch} or any other variable in the snippet.


If there's already an easy way to do this, I'm open to suggestions!




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Hi @Ran, welcome to the forum.


Unfortunately, Alfred currently doesn't have this feature.


While you don't need a workflow for each snippet (you can put as many Snippet Triggers in a single workflow as you like), such basic "fill-in" snippets are much more work to implement using Snippet Triggers than they are in Dash or Typinator (the app I'm still using for such snippets), as you basically have to piece together the functionality yourself for each snippet.


Personally, I'd recommend leaving such snippets in Dash for the time being, but be sure to add your voice to the thread requesting this feature.

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