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Pin one item on top and sort others?

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5 hours ago, zjn0505 said:

Is there a way to pin one item on the first place and assign uid to others and enable auto-sort to them?


Afraid not. If any items have UIDs, Alfred will apply its knowledge to them, and if it associates them with the entered query, will probably bump them to the top.


What exactly are you trying to achieve?

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In my use case, I'm doing a tcpip connection to the ip address input as {query}, which is listed as the first item.
Also I will save the history of connections, and show them starting from the 2nd place. When those items are selected, it will start to connect as well.

It's the history section that I hope to utilize Alfred's auto-sort feature. Now, I just sort by the reading timestamp of last used from db.

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Hmm. What I would probably do there is leave UIDs on as long as the user’s query isn’t a complete, valid IP address and turn them off as soon as it is.


So it first works as a query to filter the history using Alfred’s sorting, but if the query is a complete IP address, that’s shown as the top result (“do X with xx.xx.xx.xx”) while the history is shown below sorted by length of prefix match.


So if you enter “”, “” should be at least near the top where you can action it with CMD+<NUM>.


Not so good if you’ll have whole subnets in the history, I suppose.

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