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Lotus Notes email search

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Dear Alfredos,

I am trying to replicate the extension setting mentioned here to create a workflow.


The only problem is, that the workflow is not searching in the "From" and "To" field of the emails. It seaches only content of the messages.


My Advanced setting are here:




Do you have idea what is wrong? Spotlight is able to find emails using names, so I am sure they are indexed...




- Jan

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Problem solved - I used




command to check the kMD attributes of a LN message and then used the right ones.


I have created a workflow which is published here.


- Jan


Beat me to it. I was going to ask you to do the same thing since I don't use Lotus Notes to verify the name of the metadata fields. Glad you got it working.

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Just one small problem remains and I believe that it's not related to LN - I am describing the problem at the end of my linked post with published workflow: When the searched name after the keyword "ln" is typed really fast then the result is empty - when I do the same slowly it works fine...


Anyway - I am happy to have it working!



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