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Archiving email from the Spark app

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I use the Spark email app on my Mac (OS High Sierra 10.13.6) and I want to save emails and any attachments to a folder on my hard drive ands I am wondering if it is possible to set up a workflow to do this. Has anyone done this or can give me a heads up on how to achieve it? I am not very technically minded so as much detail as possible would be very helpful! Thanks for any help.

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Have you asked on the Spark forums whether it’s even possible to make Spark do this? Is Spark actually scriptable?


Making other apps do stuff isn’t something Alfred can help much with. It’s a launcher, not an automation tool, so its native ability to make other apps do stuff doesn’t go much beyond “here, open this”.


If you can find or write a script to make Spark do what you want, Alfred can certainly run it for you.


If Spark doesn’t support scripting, then your options are to try a real automation app like Keyboard Maestro (which can simulate mouse clicks and menu presses), or use an email client that does support scripting (such as Mail.app).


If you want to archive all email (or all emails in a specific folder), rather than just ones you select, then there are plenty of scripts available that can talk directly to your mailserver without involving Spark.


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