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Modifier keys to switch script filter


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The more I try and think about what workflows have brought, the more I think it'd be good to be able to switch script filter with a modifier key. Not just change what you do with the output but actually change the output itself.


You could either add an optional field to the item description for each modifier key (but this is going to slow the whole thing down a lot if it is a web search suggestion!).


Or you could add a completely different script for each modifier key. Or have that as some kind of argument like {query}.


Just an idea i'm putting out there.



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What you're asking for can essentially be done, that is, if I'm understanding correctly.


Maybe not exactly the same way but instead of changing the script filter based on a modifier key, why not just have a second script filter with a different title, but use the same keyword? Then you would be able to see both options when working with that workflow. Then of course you could go further and use the modifier keys to change how the item is actioned as well.

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