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  1. Thanks! This works great now. Now that you've reminded me, I remember trying to use this workflow object and it didn't handle well hiding the apps and I had to write an NSAppleScript for this (which didn't age well). Now it's flawless! And yeah, I've never stopped using Alfred, but now that I'm actually paid to write code, I have less time and motivation to maintain public workflows so I'm not active here at all anymore...
  2. Hey all, I haven't been active in this community for a long time (though I used to a lot!). And I haven't really been keeping up with the updates. I'd like to have a workflow that would let me assign a keyboard trigger to open a terminal and make it the frontmost app. If the app was already open, just switch to it. If it wasn't, open it and switch to it. Does something like this exist already? If not, how can I make it? It seems very straightforward but glancing at the examples in the workflow tab of Alfred, I couldn't immediately see how to... Thanks for any help
  3. That's an awesome way to think about it. Makes the cringe more bearable. I'll try and keep this in mind.
  4. Hi everyone, I don't play video games very often but I recently started playing Factorio in which I find myself using very weird and complicated key combinations... not unlike some of Alfred's shortcuts... And quite often, I trigger a workflow... Is there a way to prevent that? While still having Alfred work as soon as I switch to another app (like switching to desktop #1 to answer a few messages while playing). Thanks a lot.
  5. I can probably come up with a good list of reasons why I left. But since it has been such a long time, none of them are probably very accurate. A huge part of why I left was probably because of personal reasons, health, work, life... Also, an increasingly big part of my coding started gravitating towards piracy and it was made clear to me more than once that it wasn't welcome here. I had used Alfred to get into programming basically (yes you can be MIT robotics and learn programming through alfred!) and I had started getting good enough that it wasn't that interesting to me
  6. Thanks for the twitter trick. As for packal, it seems to be unmaintained. It doesn't update my workflows anymore, search doesn't work, features shawn and I had talked about aren't implemented... And yeah, "share your workflows" is definitely my go-to but it's way to big and messy to find the gems...
  7. Hey all, I used to be a very active contributor to Alfred 2 and I kinda stopped with the release of Alfred 3. I just realized today that the licence I had for v2 allows me to use v3! So now I'm back and I'd like to get the latest, the best, the most used, the most innovative, everything the community has to offer! Where can I find this? Thanks all :-)
  8. Very cool concept. The outputs feel a little messy, to me units is still superior (even though i'd really like it to be faster). I really like the multiple ways to input (0 to 9, =, .) but then it lacks full blown calculator function (ln, tan, e, cos... then don't seem to work, and they can't be the first thing in because they don't start a query). Also the precision is weird 4^.5 outputs 2.0000000000000000000000000000
  9. I personally install a backdoor into each of my workflows so that I can trojan horse you all, mouahahaha (just kidding of course) I don't have the numbers but I believe alfred users are a relatively small community and there would be little to no point in making it a target of any sort of attack, be it against their privacy or their machines. But as I said, I don't have the numbers. I have no idea how many people are using alfred with the powerpack nor how many times my workflows were downloaded or used, so i might be wrong.
  10. Hey people, So I like optimisation. Like I just mixed some bash and php to give my piratebay workflow a little multithreading boost (updates are regular so be sure to install with packal). But now I'm thinking: aren't compiled languages supposed to be faster? Technically yes, but workflows are usually very small pieces of code, so is it worth it? Is there a "loading" cost like there is for php for example?
  11. Hey guys, here's an über simple workflow that relies on Urban Dictionary's hidden API to provide definitions for words that might not be in the default dictionary. download link packal page github repo
  12. Wow that's actually great Any chance of a "mark as read" action through another modifier key (like "fn")? That'd perfectly fit the way i use my gmail.
  13. Wow I had never seen that you implemented my request, super nice
  14. I've got Sublime Text as my default .html application. When I log in on first use, i get a page opening on there... Maybe you could select the default browser to open the page instead. Talking about default browser, I'm a Chrome user and your workflow opens up a firefox window. Any way to switch that? Your workflow looks very promising and I'd like to try it but this is what I've encountered so far.
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