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Directory size alert

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Have searched but couldn't find: is it possible, please, to have Alfred 4 Notify me when a certain directory reaches a predetermined size?


I put old .dmg and updater files etc into a directory, whose contents I then burn to CD when the size of that directory is around 700 MB.


Possible with Alfred?



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1 hour ago, MSealey said:

is it possible, please, to have Alfred 4 Notify me


No, afraid not. By design, Alfred does not do anything unless you explicitly tell it to. It just sits as quietly as possible in the background. You have to call Alfred; it does not call you.


You'd need something like Hazel, which is an application specifically designed for monitoring directories. Keyboard Maestro can likely do it too, because it can do pretty much everything.

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10 hours ago, deanishe said:

Yup. Here's a simple workflow to show the size of a directory.

Change the folder variable in the configuration sheet to point it to a different directory (it's pointed at ~/Downloads by default), then enter the keyword dirsize to show the size in Alfred. It also has a File Action, so you can run it on any directory.

Thanks so much. How kind. I have also been trying out Hazel.

What a great community this is. Very much appreciated!

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