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Music and iCloud


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To add to this, since the 4.0.4 update that changed to Music API instead of XML, individual songs and artists are no longer showing up in the music player (did in a beta version of 4.0.4 before this change), only playlists are. Alfred has access to control Music app.


Alfred version 4.0.5 pre-release and just updated to latest Catalina beta as of writing this.

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@Renyy I've just tested in the latest Catalina beta 10 and both the mini player and file search are still working as expected.


Alfred had to move to using the Music API as Apple's new music app doesn't export or maintain any XML. If you upgraded to the beta from an earlier macOS, then the old (and now unused / unmaintained) XML file will likely still have been sitting there which is what Alfred would have seen. At this point, I don't have enough info to know why the Music API wouldn't be returning your music data back to you, but it may very well be a Catalina Beta quirk or something broken during a beta update (remember that the internal migration code in the macOS beta is also in beta, so potentially buggy). You could perhaps try creating a new user account and seeing if Music shows correctly there?


It's also worth noting that Apple have decided to move the iCloud drive files back to ~/Library/Mobile Documents/, so this will need to be in your search scope.



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4.0.4 fixed the iCloud issue. 


So for Music it now seems to require songs to be stored locally (as in download from iCloud Music Library), and not just be in your library like previously? Is this a limitation in the Music API, or still a bug? Disappointing if the former, but you probably feel the same way. 

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