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Clipboard: display long content.


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I use a Google Chrome/Brave extension called text copy that allows me to copy huge chunks of text. 


Sometimes, they are to big to be displayed in Alfred clipboard. For example:




One solution would be to display the clipboard entry via a Large type (cmd+Y) just like in the Alfred's bar.


One other solution would be to be able to scroll the content via the mouse/trackpad or arrow keys.


@Andrew What do you think?




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I'd really like this, too.


Sometimes I use software that put stuff in the clipboard that I want to see but not really paste anywhere, and they often are very long. When they don't fit the tiny clipboard view window I have to open TextEdit and then paste the content just to see it and then erase it.


There's also sometimes where I have a lot of long stuff copied one after the other with the differences beyond the visible area, so I can't really identify which is the one that I want without having to paste one by one.


To me just a simple scroll would be enough, though whichever way is easier would be fine by me as long as I can actually see in some way the entirety of the text, even if it's long.

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