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  1. 1°) This morning, I wanted to find a way to export my list items in a .txt or .csv compatible format, sort its entries in Sublime Text, import it again in Alfred. Would have been faster that sorting each item by hand. As entries of the list can't be sorted A->Z or Z->A, it is always a pain to have to scroll up and down make sure the entry you are about to create doesn't already exist. 2°) Tried @Mr Pennyworth workflow. Got the following error: Reported the issue here.
  2. I am publicly reporting an error I have noticed using the AlfredBrowser from @raguay.customct as I might help other Alfred users. I wanted to create a new folder in my ~/Downloads folder with the new Alfred Universal Actions feature and the AlfredBrowser workflow of course. I got this error: No version of the workflow is indicated in the workflow. Alfred v4.5.1 (1254)
  3. When you create a snippet, in the "Snippet" window, you just have to add one carriage return (= hit Enter) after the text you want to expand. You can also click on the little button with the curly braces (left bottom of the window) for more awesomeness. HTH.
  4. One of my favorite Alfred workflow lets me show the current macOS selection in Alfred's search bar. It is composed of one Hotkey action that I sat as follows: The problem I encounter every day is, many times, I need to fire it two times in order to work. When it is not working: I fire the keyboard shortcut, Alfred search bar opens but is empty. If I fire the keyboard shortcut again, Alfred search bar opens with the macOS selection. Mac OS X 10.12.6 (16G2136) Alfred 4.5 1249 No big deal, but when it happens 10 times a day every day, it can become irritating.
  5. When in Alfred's search bar, every time I want to preview a document and I use the keyboard shortcut Cmd+ the key "Y", I have to fire it at last two times to make it work as the first time something looks being fired but closes so fast that I do not have the time to see the document I want to preview. How often does it happen? Every day. Mac OS X 10.12.6 (16G2136) Alfred 4.5 1249 After a first successful display, the problem disappears for the rest of the day (= a period of at least a few hours).
  6. I realized that Ctrl+up arrow opened a new tab in Brave browser while this keyboard shortcut is supposed to only work in Mission Control by default (before any change by the user in System Preferences). As Alfred is the first place I set my keyboard shortcuts, I tried to find the workflow that was using Ctrl+Up arrow. I added a keyboard shortcut trigger with Ctrl+Up arrow to one of my workflow and was kindly warmed that this hotkey combination is shared with other hotkey triggers. I scrolled/checked all my workflows and didn't find the famous workflow sharing this key combination. Would be great if Alfred would also display the name of the workflow sharing the same key combination. Would be such a time saver!
  7. I am testing the different possibilities offered by the "Large Type" Alfred action in terms of placeholders. In short, I am trying to display one of my snippet named "Vimium" that has the keyword ",ve". The problem is the Large Type action displays "{snippet:,ve}", not the content of the snippet. It tried adding the very same placeholder in the "Copy to Clipboard" action. It is working like a charm as the content of the snippet is copied to the clipboard. Am I missing something (again)? My Alfred version is Alfred v4.2.1 (1187). Thank you!
  8. @dt13 I have two answers for you. - The short one: there is a for a workflow for you here. - The longer one : to complement what @deanishe said, I successfully created an AppleScript script that adjust the brightness to the value you want, as long it is between 0 and 1. Or, if you absolutely want to use a shell script, please take a look here first. I tried and tested this script. It is working! I wanted to add a "Large Type" action. One thing, I do not understand is, when I replace the value "0.75" by {query} and "with input as argv" by "with input as {query}", I can't get any notification "Large Type" or "Post Notification" display the value "{query}". If I trigger the workflow with a keyword and an argument, pass this argument/{query} to the script below, shouldn't I be able to output this argument/{query} and be able to display it in a notification ("Large Type" or "Post Notification")?
  9. I want too add a line between the lines of the output of this script because I wan to display it in a Large Type action. du -c -h {query} I have seen a thread on how to "Trim" with the "Transform" utility but nothing about how to add a newline. Did some research and guess I have to change my script (add an echo or a printf?) but do not know how to deal with the {query} element. Thank you.
  10. @deanishe I guess so but thanks to @vitor's answer and a few more trials and errors better understand pbcopy and pbpaste I found a solution. @vitor Thanks for the explanation. Before trying my solution, I red this article that says: This (pbpaste) will print whatever data you copied from the pbcopy command or the Finder's copy command (command-c). I also red this article that says: You could grab the output of a grep/awk/sed to paste into IM/IRC. I, then, thought that running my script would copy "http:www.zoom.com" to the clipboard plus, not then, paste the content of the clipboard to the frontmost application. Maybe, I confused "print" with "paste" in the first article. Plus, I didn't know about pbcopy and pbpaste input/output. With your answer in mind and playing around a little more with Alfred actions, I found two different ways to make it work. (BTW, I am curious to know how you added a grey background to pbcopy). @Zero Cool Here is the file of the workflow. Download it here, set the keyboard shortcut you want. Replace "htttp://www.yourzoomurl.com" with the url you want in the "Copy to Clipboard" action. I tested it. It works.
  11. It is probably better to use a snippet. Alfred preferences > Features > Snippets. But, if you really want to use a keyboard shortcut, you can create a workflow with a "Hotkey" action and a "Copy to Clipboard" action. Do not forget to select the "Automatically paste to front most app" option and you are good to go. Before coming with this solution, I thought about about a script triggered by a keyboard shortcut that would copy a string (a url address) to the clipboard then paste it to the frontmost application. Something like this: But I do not get why it doesn't paste to the frontmost application. We need your expertise @deanishe
  12. I am looking for the following: Use one List filter so that after hitting a keyword, selecting a list item, hitting "Enter", Alfred would take the "Arg" value of the list item and run it in a Run script given the value "Arg" is always a one-liner like this one: "screencapture -x -R 455,60,530,416 ~/Downloads/Hotkey_Screenshots.png". Here is the Dropbox link to the workflow. Thank you.
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