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  1. Open all files in a folder

    @deanishe to get the workflow I wanted, I tried many options. Two of them ended up opening so many sub-folders, I had to restart my Mac. I then preferred to ask you FIRST, rather than messing one more time.
  2. Open all files in a folder

    It is working very well. Thank you! One more question. Let's imagine there is a folder in the folder I select, will it open. And, if yes, would it recursively open subfolders of this folder?
  3. Whatever increases Alfred user's productivity deserves a +1.
  4. Cardhop Workflow

    @Guib I wanted to thank you for your time before diving into what seems like to be a masterpiece !
  5. Open all files in a folder

    @deanishe Ok. Thank you. I think your answer, while very helpful didn't answer my question 100% because I asked it in a to wrong way. So, here the more developed version: In my question, I was looking for a way to make the workflow work like a list filter. I would like to: 1°) trigger the workflow with a keyword 2°) be offered to choose a Folder path where the files I want to open are located in Alfred results 3°) hit enter to open all the files in their default application. The workflow that is the closest to what I am looking for is here. It lists all the potential folders but it still not working as, I guess, your code in the run script action doesn't know which folder to open. I am open to any solution, with or without environment variables
  6. You are right it is a low effort attempt. I can explain you why. I tried to create a workflow in the middle of the night while having a cold and a neighbour partying like crazy. The party was so loud I didn't understand what I was reading on my computer... I am not looking for excuses. Just explaining the context I also want to add it is Thank you for the script.
  7. Open all files in a folder

    Another excellent workflow from @deanishe! Thank you very much ! Is there a way to change the value of the DIRPATH variable without having to modify it in the Run script action?
  8. Yes you are absolutely right. But I do not know how to create an action that would kill the applications I added to the buffer. Here is my workflow: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ki9s2clkhteerjt/Force_Quit.alfredworkflow?dl=0
  9. Open tabs as pinned.

    @vitor I was thinking about a workflow that would help me launch some thema-based tabs. You are right, I do not need them to be pinnable a "normal" workflow will be enough.
  10. I want to create a workflow that would open a few urls as pinned tab in my default browsers. I have tried with one url and it seems there is no option to do it. Workflow's file is accessible here : https://www.dropbox.com/s/geruuw94ac1ow1g/Open_As_Pinned_Tab.alfredworkflow?dl=0 Thank you.
  11. Spacious (another Spotlight inspired theme)

    Tried and loved.
  12. Spacious (another Spotlight inspired theme)

    @Diegobit I really like your theme -> using it for quite a few months now (light and dark). The only problem I have is every time I launch the Alfred search bar, I can't move it (= once invoked, its position is fixed). Is it a setting you have set, a bug? I used to use themes where I can move Alfred search bar, that is why I guess the problem is coming from your (lovely) theme. - Mac OS X 10.12.6. - Alfred 3 v3.5.1 (883)
  13. The "Force quit applications" is a nice OS X built-in application. The great thing is you can select more than one application at the same time. I would like to be able to use Alfred and its "quit" and "force quit" commands to quit more than one application at the same time. In other words, selecting more than one application just like I can select more than one file/folder with the "buffer" feature. One could use the same modifiers keys of the buffer feature. In practice: 1°) I open Alfred search bar, 2°) I type "quit", 3°) I select all the applications I want to quit with the modifier key (for example: Alt+Up arrow), 4°) I hit Alt+Right arrow, then hit Enter, 5°) The selected applications close.
  14. @vero Thank you for the clarification!
  15. List filter is a feature I discovered recently. I use this type of workflow to create “DAT worflows". DAT stands for "direct access to". I use it as a faster way to access the page of a web application. What does such a workflow do? In Alfred search bar, I type a keyword, then the item list "Title" variable I have set in Alfred, hit enter and boom the webpage I wanted to go to, appears by magic in my default browser. Here are my workflow settings: My question is there a way Alfred shows the item filters "Title" and "Subtitle" variables as it does in a "File filter" action? For example: For now, I have to type the workflow keyword + the "Title" variable of the list item.For example with my Gmail workflow: I would like to have the "Title" and the "Subtitle" variables of any item of the list suggested to me in Alfred's results before I type the "Title" variable. Thank you.