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  1. Hi @rodrigobdz I am testing your workflow and every time I use it (by typing "incognito"), it first opens one new tab in the already opened non incognito mode window, then one new incognito window. When I type incognito + "query" it it first opens one new tab in the already opened non incognito mode window and searches for "query", then one new incognito window. - Google Chrome v66.0.3359.181 - Mac OS X 10.12.6
  2. Alfred actions are very conveniant. It would cool to be to be able to repeat the last performed action with a keyboard shortcut. Got this idea a few sec ago as I was using an action that would allow me to move selected files in my File manager (Forklift) from one folder to another folder. As there was a file in my folder I didn't want to move, I had to activate the action two times. One too much ?
  3. @ae6dx Yes. https://github.com/caleb531/play-song
  4. politicus

    Open all files in a folder

    @deanishe to get the workflow I wanted, I tried many options. Two of them ended up opening so many sub-folders, I had to restart my Mac. I then preferred to ask you FIRST, rather than messing one more time.
  5. politicus

    Open all files in a folder

    It is working very well. Thank you! One more question. Let's imagine there is a folder in the folder I select, will it open. And, if yes, would it recursively open subfolders of this folder?
  6. Whatever increases Alfred user's productivity deserves a +1.
  7. politicus

    Cardhop Workflow

    @Guib I wanted to thank you for your time before diving into what seems like to be a masterpiece !
  8. politicus

    Open all files in a folder

    @deanishe Ok. Thank you. I think your answer, while very helpful didn't answer my question 100% because I asked it in a to wrong way. So, here the more developed version: In my question, I was looking for a way to make the workflow work like a list filter. I would like to: 1°) trigger the workflow with a keyword 2°) be offered to choose a Folder path where the files I want to open are located in Alfred results 3°) hit enter to open all the files in their default application. The workflow that is the closest to what I am looking for is here. It lists all the potential folders but it still not working as, I guess, your code in the run script action doesn't know which folder to open. I am open to any solution, with or without environment variables
  9. You are right it is a low effort attempt. I can explain you why. I tried to create a workflow in the middle of the night while having a cold and a neighbour partying like crazy. The party was so loud I didn't understand what I was reading on my computer... I am not looking for excuses. Just explaining the context I also want to add it is Thank you for the script.
  10. politicus

    Open all files in a folder

    Another excellent workflow from @deanishe! Thank you very much ! Is there a way to change the value of the DIRPATH variable without having to modify it in the Run script action?
  11. Yes you are absolutely right. But I do not know how to create an action that would kill the applications I added to the buffer. Here is my workflow: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ki9s2clkhteerjt/Force_Quit.alfredworkflow?dl=0
  12. politicus

    Open tabs as pinned.

    @vitor I was thinking about a workflow that would help me launch some thema-based tabs. You are right, I do not need them to be pinnable a "normal" workflow will be enough.
  13. I want to create a workflow that would open a few urls as pinned tab in my default browsers. I have tried with one url and it seems there is no option to do it. Workflow's file is accessible here : https://www.dropbox.com/s/geruuw94ac1ow1g/Open_As_Pinned_Tab.alfredworkflow?dl=0 Thank you.
  14. politicus

    Spacious (another Spotlight inspired theme)

    Tried and loved.
  15. politicus

    Spacious (another Spotlight inspired theme)

    @Diegobit I really like your theme -> using it for quite a few months now (light and dark). The only problem I have is every time I launch the Alfred search bar, I can't move it (= once invoked, its position is fixed). Is it a setting you have set, a bug? I used to use themes where I can move Alfred search bar, that is why I guess the problem is coming from your (lovely) theme. - Mac OS X 10.12.6. - Alfred 3 v3.5.1 (883)