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File searches takes a while


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I'm using the latest version of Alfred (4.0.5) on Mac Catalina (latest public build 10.15). Whenever type in 'find <file or folder' Alfred shows "Waiting for Results" for many seconds (at least 10) before finally finding my results. Spotlight will return with the results immediately and previously Alfred 3 on Mojave was also instantaneous. The delay is quite frustrating and makes this type of searching pretty much unusable.


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@Ish How long ago did you update to Catalina? If you've only just upgraded, it may still be doing its first indexing which can take a little while.


Alfred will only show "Waiting for results" if macOS isn't returning results, and is caused by an underlying indexing issue. If you've installed more than a day or two ago (and didn't shut down your Mac in between so that it could keep running), your best bet is to rebuild your Mac's index via Alfred's Advanced preferences.


Keep in mind that Catalina is a new OS and that you've upgraded rather than done a fresh install, so it's possible that there's some corruption somewhere in the index. Hopefully a rebuild will be sufficient to clear that out :) 



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