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Create new file, choose directory and open in editor

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I'm trying to create a workflow that will make it easy for me to add new notes to predefined location ~/Notes. This folder has a number of subfolders like ~/Notes/Computer ~/Notes/Life etc. I want to be able to create, save and open a new file in Alfred within one of these subfolders (or just the root directory).



For example

1. I enter keyword "new note" plus the file name e.g. "Shopping List" in the Alfred bar

2. The alfred bar then suggests a number of folders in the dropdown menu. I can select one (or none) of these

3. The file is saved to that location as "Shopping List.md"

4. The file is opened in my text editor


I understand most of the steps except how to do 2. How can I have a substep that shows me the folders within ~/Notes and lets me select and feed that chocie into the next stage?



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Welcome @aosaigh,


Do you want step 2 to show a predefined set of directories (fixed), or all directories inside of ~/Notes (dynamic, changes depending on what exists)?


Both are doable, but the former is simpler and doesn’t require programming. We can help you with either.

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In Ruby, you’d do this:

require 'json'
require 'pathname'

script_filter_items = []

  .each { |path| script_filter_items.push(title: path.basename, arg: path) }

puts({ items: script_filter_items }.to_json)

You can use that code as-is in a Script Filter (with Language set to /usr/bin/ruby) between your other steps in Alfred.

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