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Not being able to import workflows into alrfed 4.11 on macOS Big Sur


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I am running alfred 4.9. I just bought the powerpack for alfred and am running the beta versino of macos Big sur. Whenever I try importing any workflow frrom packal or github, I receive an erro message syaing, "Oops, unable to import" "The workflow you are trying to import is invalid."


I tried using one of the templates and creating a workflow on alfred and then exporting it out and importing the exported file after deleting the workflow from alfred. In this case, it actually managed to import. 


I need help on this. 

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@sawhney Please keep all posts relating to Big Sur issues to the appropriate Bugs forum. I've moved your thread to it.


Could you please give more details on exactly which beta of Big Sur you're using? Links to the exact workflows you're trying to import?


This is a very early macOS beta, so issues are bound to crop up, so the more detailed your report can be, the more useful it will be.



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