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Add extra search terms to an Application

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I'd like to add search terms for a few applications which hard-to-remember names.   For example, I use "OBS" for screen recording sessions, but I only use it a few times a year, and can never seem to remember the name.   Instead, I'd like to type "screen recording" and have the "OBS" application show up in the Alfred search results.


I've tried adding "tags" to the application, but that doesn't work.


I've also tried adding "comments" to the application, but that doesn't work.


I've also tried creating an Alias for the application, but pretty sure Alfred always indexes the destination of the alias, but not the source.


Any ideas ?




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@trytwowheels Take a look at the "Adding keywords as nicknames" section of this blog post. A really quick little workflow is the easiest way to do this :)




This is the most reliable way to give other names to your apps, and doesn't rely on macOS features like tags and comments that aren't always reliable.



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@Vero Thanks so much for taking the time to respond.   Everyone loves good SEO, so I'll share that I had seen your blog post before.   But flew past it since I was hoping to find a way to simply index metadata about the app.   But given your advice, I'm going to setup the workflow, and try it out !

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