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  1. Cool, as I don't know how to write code to use the Script Filter, SGTM! I just need a way to populate Alfred so that after I type `dm`, it starts autosuggesting usernames from the people I follow, and then once I action it, it will grab that username and convert it to a user ID in order to slot-fill the URL! 😅
  2. I'd like to add more robust DM support to my Twitter Toolkit for Alfred workflow. I've come up with a basic flow for how I think it could be achieved but would love your guidance and help on how to go about implementing it, since I'm not a developer: Authenticate a local Twitter client to get one's followee list; store the list containing IDs, usernames, and display names Load this list as a CSV into a List Filter Use dm to access type-to-suggest completion using that List Filter in Alfred's UI Upon actioning, open the URL prefilled with https://twitt
  3. I would find it helpful to interact with multiple Workflows right the context menu beyond changing the category: Specifically, I would like to: Enable/disable Duplicate Export Export metadata
  4. Once you've installed the demo fonts, just right click on each text sample, scroll down to "All Fonts", and select "FONTSPRING DEMO - MicroSquare" in the appropriate weight.
  5. Excited to try this out... and wondering if I might submit a feature request to match the slash commands that Slack offers (which allows you to specify a time to pause and resume notifications, among a few other niceties)?
  6. You could just add a keyword object that outputs to a custom search (as in the section row here):
  7. Happened upon this discussion and decided to try out this workflow. Never seen this permissions request before! What is "Image Events"?
  8. Got it — I've updated the workflow to v0.1.1 and replaced ImgInn with UserSearch, which seems more reliable!
  9. Yes — actually, if I typed a space and then some characters, the workflow would have filtered the results. You are correct. Sometimes I forgot the specific text that I'm looking for so don't know which characters to type, and that's when I would use a scrollbar so that I can visually browse the results, but indeed, this is very much an edge case.
  10. I agree it's not a bug and should have been filed as a feature suggestion. While you can make the width wider for the theme (which would affect the aesthetics), my issue is more about functionality. Even with an enormous amount of results — I assumed that it was intended as a functional scrollbar to move vertically through results, rather than merely a "non-interactive theme-able scroll indicator". Perhaps my expectations were too high! Anyway, not a priority — just seemed something that could be improved for workflows with lots of results...
  11. Thanks for thinking through some solutions! It's funny, I actually do set different widths (sometimes very narrow widths!) in my themes in order to achieve different appearances. What seems most "Mac-like" would be for Alfred to implement a near-hover behavior that grows the size of the scroller as the cursor approaches. This is what macOS does, after all:
  12. The scrollbar becomes VERY TINY when there are LOTS of results. Seems like there should be a minimum height/width?
  13. It stills seems to work for me... (although it's added some ugly ads)... can you share what's going wrong?
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