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  1. Hmm. I understand your concern, but wouldn't a broken font affect Alfred's entire launcher UI? Why is software update notice an important exception? There aren't any other kinds of text like this, right? It's not a big deal, but given how important fonts are to my themes, I noticed that this seemed like an unnecessary deviation in theming...
  2. Got it. I can't speak on behalf of @Andrew, but given the dynamic "learning" aspect of Alfred, it seems like manual sorting (unless you're using some kind of List Filter), isn't the preferred default behavior. Because Workflows can register new UAs, it's unclear what might happen to your sort order when they are added.
  3. I can't tell if the "Alfred Update Available" is set in a font determined by the theme. There's no text styled this way in the Appearance preview, so thought I'd check. It's very minor, but would be nice if it were able to be set by the theme.
  4. Does it help that you can type-to-find? Also, can you elaborate on how sorting your UA list would be useful?
  5. Yay! Saw this in the Alfred 4.6 Pre-release (Build 1263) release notes!
  6. Well, they have good reason actually, which we went into detail on this podcast I recorded with the core team: https://pod.link/1355212895/episode/8743a9358e4c764e99aa8d359e6de081
  7. Now that 1Password 8 is in Early Access (not without controversy), I'm curious if there might be additional integrations possible with Alfred (or if integration will be possibly compromised as a result of the move to Electron)? Regardless, thought it might be worth it to get ahead of the 1Password 8 release here, especially since there's been discussion about remapping Keyboard Shortcuts, which might bear relevance to Universal Actions (i.e. to create a UA that autofills a selected URL with the password from 1Password).
  8. Clever, and brute force, but I'll take it! Thanks. Would be thrilled if @Andrew would consider a UI-accessible way to bulk enable/disable workflows too!
  9. Is there a fast/easy way to enable/disable all Workflows? I'm able to Select All Workflows, but the only contextual menus are Category and Delete: Use case: I'm trying to create screenshots of my Workflows and want to isolate on the results from ONE Workflow... which means disabling the rest.
  10. @vitor can I request an enhancement? When I attempt to convert this string into Markdown using Markdown to HTML: [test](https://test.com) ...the result includes enclosing <p> tags. How can I suppress the paragraph tags? <p><a href="https://test.com">test</a></p>
  11. Here are 18 new themes inspired by Twitter's new typeface, Chirp! Download Chirp Themes You'll need to obtain Chirp yourself, since I can't distribute the font. I, did, however, include variants of the themes that will use the GT America Trial font (which is what Chirp is based on) if it's installed. You can download GT America Trial here.
  12. I made them! Check it out: https://chrismessina.gumroad.com/l/alfred-icons The theme changer is from @AlexMartinFR. I still want to work with him to update what he has to support more themes.
  13. 🤦🏻‍♂️ of course! You're totally right — I forgot that Script Filters have placeholder titles... and yes — it would be helpful if: I could suppress Script Filters from appearing in Universal Actions or Set synonyms for keywords (which I've requested before)
  14. @Andrew seeing some unexpected behavior here: I invoked my UA hotkey on an .mp4 and yet was able to access Case Converter UAs even though their type was set to only apply to Text.² Only three UAs from @dfay's Workflow show up, even though five should appear.¹ All of the UA titles are the same, but I expect them to use the block's title (i.e. "Upper Case", "Lower Case", etc). Am I missing something about how UAs work? ¹ ²
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