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  1. @glgray Whoops, fixed! Thanks!
  2. Got it, makes sense. I'm sure an overhaul of the editor is a major undertaking — it would be really cool if it looked and behaved similar to Quartz Composer, Origami's Patches system¹, or the Audio Hijack Audio Block configurator²... ¹ ²
  3. Performance seems to be a tricky thing to diagnose, since it might be related to the individual's system specs or other configurations... but I believe I've noticed pretty consistently that larger workflows (i.e. with tens or hundreds of objects) has really choppy/jerky rendering performance when scrolling around. I expect the kind of dampening scroll effect in Apple Maps, but perhaps I'm comparing apples and oranges? I recorded what I'm seeing when scrolling around @vdesabou's epic Spotify Mini Player workflow here: https://dropover.cloud/aac3de Hopefully
  4. Yeah, probably not worth digging in any more if it's something weird about my setup. Not sure how it got set, which is why I reported it in the first place. It's only worth addressing if it's something that other people might experience too.
  5. Right, that would make sense, but it's not active: I have remapped my caps lock key to activate Alfred using Karibiner Elements... here's what I'm seeing:
  6. I did, but the links to the sample workflows are broken. I don't mind trying to do some coding but I was hoping to learn from those workflows that were previously shared...
  7. I show Alfred and hit the keyboard combo. That's it... is there a way to see an inventory of all of the keyboard shortcuts that are set within Alfred? Yes! So maybe it's just a matter of connecting that keyboard shortcut (if we can figure out where it's set) to type `?` into Alfred?
  8. Is it? If so, would love to add it to my Instagram Toolkit!
  9. If you activate Alfred and press ⌘-⇧-/, you'll get this error, which seems misleading because there is a lot of Help available: I dunno if you can rewire that keyboard shortcut to open https://www.alfredapp.com/help/ instead?
  10. Happy to kick off 2021 with a new workflow to quickly access Instagram's web features. It's not very clever but it just speeds up the way I access parts of Instagram. Supports keywords like @, #, dms, my, and download. Get Instagram Toolkit for Alfred
  11. Here are two Alfred Powerpack Themes inspired by vaporwave and James White's Signalnoise's incredible artwork, specifically his Synthwave playlist cover art. These are successors to my Synthwave '84 theme and requires Alfred 4.3+. 🎩 Download theme
  12. Here is an Alfred Powerpack Theme that is inspired by Spotify's UI and color scheme. 🎩 Download theme
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