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  1. Which version of macOS are you on? On Sonoma, when I attempted to use the workflow, I was shown this permission dialog and accepted the request, and it worked fine. Perhaps there's a permission issue?
  2. Ah ok — will try that out. I didn't realize those options existed! Two suggestions: 1. Add a keyboard modifier for ⌘ when an "Eject" command is chosen to edit the preferences (to make these options more discoverable — similar to holding ⌘ when viewing a snippet). 2. Perhaps unnecessary, but I'm not sure you need to mention DVDs? When was the last time Apple shipped a computer with a DVD drive? Similarly, are "USB flash drives" different than "external USB drives"? Just seems like this copy could be modernized/updated/clarified.
  3. I know that the latest version of Alfred has a new ejection framework, but it's not working for me. I'm on Alfred 5.1 Build 2134. Here's what Alfred sees: Here's what's in Finder — BunnyCrunch is an external Samsung SSD. In fact, none of my SSDs, which are connected by USB-C, seem to be detected by Alfred.
  4. As seen in Alfred 5.1 [2133], some workflows that have long descriptions and options (e.g. ChatFred) cause text to not wrap or be cut off:
  5. The Alfred Gallery is such a significant update to the Alfred Ecosystem — but it seems like the benefit of maintaining and keeping Workflows up to date still isn't sufficiently supported in the Workflows area. At a minimum, it seems like the number of available updates should be made more visible in the default options: Additionally, when there is >1 update and a group of Workflows are selected, it would be nice if it were possible to batch update them from their context menu: No doubt there might be other ways to improve Workflow updates, but these two stood out to me.
  6. Awesome, thanks! Want to share a screenshot of your tweaks?
  7. Josh Miller, Arc's founder and CEO, released a new video today in it — including a screenshot of a spec from Dec 2019 where he explicitly cites AlfredApp.com as an influence for Arc's command palette. 🥰
  8. There is richer AppleScript support as of Arc v0.85 — so now additional Alfred⬌ Arc integration can be explored!
  9. Now that Arc has a richer Applescript featureset, I have submitted a feature request for that Workflow.
  10. Ok, good to hear. Would be absolutely stoked if Alfred supported a more capable theming system — and that the new Alfred Gallery for Themes could be the place for such themes to be distributed. But I understand that may be a low priority for you. I like the themes I've created, but there are so many launchers now that have really pushed the UI design boundaries that it'd be great for Alfred to provide more support for our community's visual design creativity!
  11. Not sure if this feedback is for @Mr Pennyworth specifically, but he's mixed HTML and Markdown in his Cleanshot Workflow readme, which appears incorrectly in Alfred. Given that self-hosted Workflows will appear in the Gallery, I wonder if there should be either greater guidelines/requirements for the legibility of readme files or some other way to improve the appearance of this kind of documentation, like more Markdown support in Alfred's processor? Here's how it looks on Github:
  12. Now that the Alfred Gallery is live in Early Access, can I presume (hope?) that there will be a section dedicated to sharing Themes?
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