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  1. Once you've installed the demo fonts, just right click on each text sample, scroll down to "All Fonts", and select "FONTSPRING DEMO - MicroSquare" in the appropriate weight.
  2. Excited to try this out... and wondering if I might submit a feature request to match the slash commands that Slack offers (which allows you to specify a time to pause and resume notifications, among a few other niceties)?
  3. You could just add a keyword object that outputs to a custom search (as in the section row here):
  4. Happened upon this discussion and decided to try out this workflow. Never seen this permissions request before! What is "Image Events"?
  5. Got it — I've updated the workflow to v0.1.1 and replaced ImgInn with UserSearch, which seems more reliable!
  6. Yes — actually, if I typed a space and then some characters, the workflow would have filtered the results. You are correct. Sometimes I forgot the specific text that I'm looking for so don't know which characters to type, and that's when I would use a scrollbar so that I can visually browse the results, but indeed, this is very much an edge case.
  7. I agree it's not a bug and should have been filed as a feature suggestion. While you can make the width wider for the theme (which would affect the aesthetics), my issue is more about functionality. Even with an enormous amount of results — I assumed that it was intended as a functional scrollbar to move vertically through results, rather than merely a "non-interactive theme-able scroll indicator". Perhaps my expectations were too high! Anyway, not a priority — just seemed something that could be improved for workflows with lots of results...
  8. Thanks for thinking through some solutions! It's funny, I actually do set different widths (sometimes very narrow widths!) in my themes in order to achieve different appearances. What seems most "Mac-like" would be for Alfred to implement a near-hover behavior that grows the size of the scroller as the cursor approaches. This is what macOS does, after all:
  9. The scrollbar becomes VERY TINY when there are LOTS of results. Seems like there should be a minimum height/width?
  10. It stills seems to work for me... (although it's added some ugly ads)... can you share what's going wrong?
  11. Yes! This is exactly what I was suggesting — it's both more accurate and doesn't obtrusively get in the way of the default/majority case: Thanks for hearing me out and considering this discussion and moving quickly on an implemented solution, @Andrew! And thank you @Mr Pennyworth for summarizing the different perspectives and moving the core conversation forward which, in my view, resulted in a better Alfred for everyone. 😅
  12. Generally I believe that none of you want to drive me off, and so I'm just not sure if there's a lack of awareness about tone/emphasis or if I just feel like my suggestions are met with more friction here than I receive elsewhere. In service of uncovering the best ideas and most inclusive implementations of those ideas, I welcome and solicit good faith criticism, debate, and skepticism (preferably curiosity). I'm just left feeling that several topics that I've kicked off as rather banal/trivial/straightforward suggestions to improve Alfred are met with a wall criticism
  13. I do have positive intentions and am well-meaning, but have a different perspective than what seems to be the dominant perspective on this board. My priorities or sensitivities aren't the same as everyone else's here, and so I give voice to them because I think Alfred (and similar software) can be a net-good for helping people use technology more effectively, and in a personalized way. But by holding minority viewpoints, I find that many of my well-meaning suggestions are more quickly shot down rather than being met with curiosity, credulity, or interest. Rather than am
  14. On behalf of the thousands of UI designers upon whom the world depends, I take umbrage with characterizing UI design as the least of the world's software design problems. But I will otherwise ignore it because it is irrelevant to my original point, which was about the "truth" in the interface, which you seem willing to accept as a "lie" for "practical" reasons, which is your wont to do. I prefer to stay stuck in my theoretical bubble if it allows me to pursue increasing honest or accuracy with the users of software that I design or contribute to.
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