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Alfred workflows and M1 machines

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Hey all,


I thought I'd start a thread specifically about getting workflows transitioned to work with M1 machines. I was lucky enough to get an M1 MacBook Air and have been playing around with the Universal Alfred build and my existing workflows.


From what I can see (I am a pretend developer) a lot of the command line utilities workflows use need to be recompiled to support the arm64 architecture. I've been poking at a few older ones I use often (such as [url="https://www.packal.org/workflow/switch-4k-monitor-resolutions"]Switch 4K resolution[/url] and haven't been able to get a recompiled copy of the command it uses (resolution-cli) to work – I get segmentation fault errors.


Post your experiences and any workarounds or fixes you've uncovered to get workflows to run on Apple silicon.

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