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  1. Not sure when this happened, and if it's a Chrome regression or a Alfred one, but text expansions aren't working for me when I type in text fields. They work in the address bar, so I know they're being triggered, but nothing happens in text fields. Is this a known issue?
  2. This issue seems to be fixed globally (for all apps that use accessibility) in the latest OS beta.
  3. Incidentally, I had the same issue with Textexpander but removing it and letting the app re-request access worked. I've tried this multiple times and even deleted the listing from Accessibility and logged out and back in. Still not working.
  4. Yeah, there seems to be some kind of weird bug or issue with the DP4/PB3 release. I've noticed this issue with other apps that need accessibility access so it's probably a regression of some kind. Not sure how I should file this with Apple but I'll open a radar and see what they say.
  5. This seems to be broken - I get a lot of PHP errors when I try to run a search. Some captured below:
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