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Shutdown Timer — Turn off macOS on a timer

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Turn off your Mac on a timer via the shutdown keyword. Large Type will show periodically with the remaining time.


Stop an ongoing timer with shutdown abort.


Configure the timer in the Workflow’s Configuration. You can also set apps to close before shutdown, so they do not reopen on next login.

To trigger an immediate shutdown or restart, use the shutdown or restart keywords.

⤓ Install on the Alfred Gallery | Source


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4 minutes ago, vitor said:

Welcome @EdwinW,


As per the instructions:



You can set it for the number of seconds you want. I don’t intend to add a feature to tell the machine to turn off at a specific hour:minute because that wouldn’t be reliable: it wouldn’t work if the Mac were asleep and it would require enhanced permissions.

alright!thank u!

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awesome workflow! it would be very handy if i could set the timer of shutdown individually every time i select timed shutdown. 
May this be also possible? not just configure the workflow for a custom timespan

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I’d like to keep it simple, so could you expand on your use case? As in, what leads you to want different values frequently? In the next release the timings will be set with sliders, and you always get the counter with Large Type.



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