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Allow dismissing/hiding Alfred Newsletter block?

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While there is value in pointing people to the Alfred website and Twitter account... once I've signed up for the Alfred Newsletter, the UI doesn't reflect that state. I think I've signed up several times for the newsletter over the years!


Given the prominence of this UI (and the relative infrequency of newsletter updates (the last email that I have from hello@alfredapp.com is from May 2019), I wonder if this could be improved — or simply user-dismissed?





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@Chris Messina May I ask how frequently you go back to the General tab of the preferences? Realistically, once you've set your country, your primary hotkey and requested permissions, you shouldn't need to return to that tab ever.


Given we have numerous channels through which a user can subscribe to the newsletter (on that General tab, on the website, during their Powerpack purchase checkout process), it doesn't make sense to try to somehow divinate whether or not a user has previously signed up to the newsletter through one of these channels, and there would be a significant chance it would be incorrect anyway as there's no expectation you'd use the same email address to sign up to the newsletter. :) 


The Twitter and website links remain relevant, and there's no harm done if someone accidentally signs up a second time to our infrequent newsletter.



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1 hour ago, Vero said:

May I ask how frequently you go back to the General tab of the preferences?


Not often, though it doe appear in any livestreams or videos that I record demonstrating Alfred.


So no, it's not a big deal — it just occurred to me that it's a visually significant UI component that may only ever get used once. But, perhaps it's just a personal preference given how much time I've been spending in Alfred lately! 😅

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