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Using snippets inside "snippet triggers" and replace user choice

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I have a snippet A which can be triggered with .a and inside the snippet text I have a {var:choice}.


I want to use the snippet A in a snippet trigger, where I have a list filter and the output should replace the {var:choice}


So my idea is:

  1. query user
  2. store selection in variable choice
  3. expand snippet A and copy to clipboard, while expanding the {var:choice} will be replaced with the value from step 2


But I only get the text of snippet A without text replacement. Any ideas what I'm missing?



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You’re trying to use a Snippet Trigger and a regular Snippet at the same time? That’s incredibly confusing. Use either one or the other.


When asking for help with a Workflow, please upload it somewhere as we can’t properly help you without access to it. Debugging can already be hard with access to the code, and you’re asking us to guess yours from a description. There are multiple places where your code or Workflow setup may be going wrong. Without looking at it we’re shooting in the dark.

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Yes, I thought that I can just re-use the snippet and don't have to copy the text, remove the snippet, etc.


I thought the WF just uses what's there. IMO it doesn't make things simpler by having two different snippet infrastructures... but anyway, will refactor my standard snippet into a Snippet Trigger...

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