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⌘C action does not work if actioned from recent result and no changes have been made to the query

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Alfred 4.3 (1205) - Big Sur 11.1


Title might be hard to understand, but here are quick repro steps:


1. make sure 'Show latest query if within 5 minutes' is enabled

2. call up Alfred's search window

3. type in e.g. "Utility" and highlight Disk Utility.app

4. Press ⌘C (Copy Path)


result: it works, the pasteboard has '/System/Applications/Utilities/Disk Utility.app' now


5. press your Alfred hotkey again to call up his window

6. choose another result, e.g. AirPort Utility.app

7. Press ⌘C


BUG: result: nothing happens... window is not dismissed, pasteboard does not get the path


8. add a '.' (dot) or any other character to the search field

9. Press ⌘C -- it will work now...



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@luckman212 Alfred will only copy the selected result if there is no selection in the search field, in which case, Alfred follows macOS convention and you'll be copying the selected text.


In your example, when Alfred is re-shown, utility is highlighted in the text field so that it can be quickly typed over for a new query. A side effect of this is that when you use cmd+c, it's copying the text utility to the clipboard (and not hiding Alfred). If you press the right arrow to move the selection to the end, then use cmd+c, it will copy the selected result.

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