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[PYTHON] Problem to retrieve PATH

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I have a little script in python that simply check if a file exists.


like this:



import os

def myfunction():
	jpg = "Volumes/mydrive/image.jpg"
	png = "Volumes/mydrive/image.png"

	if os.path.isfile(jpg):
    	 return jpg
    elif os.path.isfile(png):
	      return png
   		  return "none"  


The problem is that, if I call this script from command line works perfectly. But if I launch this same script from a Script Filter in Alfred it always give me "none".


What is my mistake?





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25 minutes ago, Daniele said:

if I call this script from command line works perfectly

If you run it in the correct directory, it



You're using relative paths, so the script looks for “Volumes/...” relative to the working directory. Use “/Volumes/...” with the leading slash.

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