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Show Full Title/Tooltip of the Name property within the Snippets Viewer

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Dear Alfred Devs,


I primarily fell in love with the snippet functionality. As I work a lot with ffmpeg I stored some often used commands as snippets. I also use the Name property as a place to add some useful information about a specific command (see screenshot). However, the Snippet Viewer truncates long titles if they exceed a certain width, and the Snippet Viewer indicates this behavior with an ellipsis (…). So far so good. However, a common UX feature is that truncated text reveals its full content when the mouse hovers over it (aka tooltip/title).


This not yet the case, and my notes are hidden after the truncation …


Thank you for considering.





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  • Kalaschnik changed the title to Show Full Title/Tooltip of the Name property within the Snippets Viewer

@Kalaschnik Given Alfred's primarily intended to be used from the keyboard, a hover-over would require moving from the keyboard, grabbing the mouse and hovering over the particular results.


Perhaps in your case, as you're not using the text auto-expansion feature, something like a List Filter workflow instead of snippets might be better suited. You can then have a title and subtext, and then have that paste text.


Here's how List Filters work:



Then connect a Copy to Clipboard utility to paste your argument to the frontmost app.


Let me know if you need more help...



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