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How do I use "Shift+Key" as Trigger in Workflow?

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14 minutes ago, nutnutwin said:

but "Shift" needs to be combined with other modifiers???


SHIFT is an essential part of text entry. It's not appropriate to use in a global Hotkey without a "pure" modifier like CMD or CTRL. (Same goes for OPT, but to a much lesser extent.)

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Sorry for the late reply


Thank you for your advice

I am currently using Shift+Enter for Opt+Enter in Excel

Shift+Enter for Move to End of Line, and then Enter


for now I use BetterTouchTools as a workaround, but it is far less stable than Alfred, on my macOS


But thanks a lot!

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Oh, right, you mean application-specific hotkeys.


Just using SHIFT shouldn't be a problem there if you're careful, but I think Alfred disallows it because there is so much potential to break things.


If Alfred works much better than BTT, it is possible to force Alfred to use SHIFT as a sole modifier because it only actually prevents that in the UI. If you edit your workflow’s info.plist directly and set the appropriate hotmod to 131330, Alfred will happily create a SHIFT-only Hotkey for you.


Bear in mind that that's totally not official, and Andrew may change Alfred to disallow that at any time. Like I said, it's a potential footgun, and Andrew doesn't like footguns. They cause a lot of support requests.

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