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Save Calendar .ics Workflow?

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I'm new to trying to create Workflows—and failing miserably beyond the most basic (hotkey to open an app, etc.).

After a calendar disaster a few months ago, I now like regularly to save a copy of the .ics file from my main calendar, in a specific iCloud folder, replacing the earlier saved version. It seems like I should be able to build a Workflow or something (AppleScript?), but I can't figure it out. 

Does anyone know of one or would have any interest in helping? Thanks!

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This isn't really something a workflow is suited for: Alfred only runs things when you tell it to, and backups should happen entirely automatically. Alfred also doesn't provide any tools that would actually help with what you're trying to do.


A script to back up your calendar run daily via a Launch Agent would be a better solution.


Forum users could probably help you write a script, but you'd have to provide a more detailed description (where you're getting the ICS file from, which directory it should be saved to etc.).

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