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  1. Hi again. Bumping this. I'm now on Alfred 5.0.2 and Ventura 13.0, Beta 3. I've added System/Library/PreferencePanes/ to the search scope, but cannot get most of the categories (as well as sub-menus) to appear in Alfred. Cannot, for example, find "Screen Saver," "Accessibility," or "Notificatoins" at all. Or some may be listed under the wrong name (e.g., if I start typing "Screen," I get "desktopscreeneffectpref," which opens "Wallpaper." Is there another search scope entry to add? Thanks!
  2. Thanks for replying. I'm on the newest Ventura beta and the latest Alfred 5. I was getting only the main Setting window regardless of which preference I was "summoning." Actually seems to be working better now; perhaps it needed to Index?
  3. Is there a setting or tip for accessing Ventura's new System Settings, as opposed to the prior System Preferences? Currently, Alfred will only open the "Appearance" option when any Monterey preference is chosen. Thanks!
  4. 🤔 I'm on a 2020 M1 MBA, and "Sleep" command works fine—so maybe it's something specific to your system or setup?
  5. My Mac (M1 MBA) won't let me run the workflow. Never had this before with an Alfred workflow downloaded from GitHub. Any suggestions?
  6. Is it possible to change the default download location to Desktop? Thank you!
  7. Thanks for that explanation. Makes perfect sense. I'll write up some more details and see if anyone volunteers!
  8. I found here (thanks everyone!) the Apple Notes search workflow, and use it daily. I've also been using Zoho's Notebook app for tracking info on a medical problem; the format just works better for the various meetings and procedures I'm having. Does anyone here use it and/or have any suggestions on how I might get an Alfred workflow for it? I've done some searches on this forum to no avail. Thanks!
  9. I'm new to trying to create Workflows—and failing miserably beyond the most basic (hotkey to open an app, etc.).After a calendar disaster a few months ago, I now like regularly to save a copy of the .ics file from my main calendar, in a specific iCloud folder, replacing the earlier saved version. It seems like I should be able to build a Workflow or something (AppleScript?), but I can't figure it out. Does anyone know of one or would have any interest in helping? Thanks!
  10. What is the name of this current bundle? In both locations (~/Library/Application Support/Alfred/) and in the Documents folder revealed as the sync folder, the "Alfred.alfredpreferences" is dated 2017.
  11. UPDATE: I restored an earlier "prefs.json" file and it worked to bring Alfred up-to-date—but I can't find a file that's being kept current to sync now. The "Alfred.alfredpreferences" file (shown in "Reveal in Finder" under "Syncing") is still dated from 3 years ago, even after I restart everything. Help? Thank you!
  12. Thanks for the reply—but I don't know the current file location on my Mac, in order to restore the prior one.
  13. I messed up. I was checking my sync settings in advance of getting a new MacBook, and I clicked "set preferences folder" and chose what looked like the Dropbox/Alfred folder that I was using before. The version of the file there was dated 2017. So I chose that folder (thinking the sync had somehow turned off), and now my Alfred settings are 3 years old! Is there a way through Time Machine I can find my earlier settings? Thank you!
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