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Unified icon style

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As shown in the picture above, 1 and 2 represents bookmarks from safari , 3 and 4 are my own defined web search shortcuts, and the others are all the macOS system app.

In there, 1 and 2  icon style is not suit with the macOS big sur system apps icon style.




And also, in this above picture, 1 is alfred defined google images search shortcut, the first result is macOS system app, and the others are bookmarks from safari.

It can be show from the picture, that 1 and bookmarks icon style are not suit with the macOS big sur system apps icon style.


This problem can be seen in others. 

Alfred's defined icon style is not suit with big sur icon style, which is I want to update.


In addition, the web bookmark icon now are totally simple and monotonous. I hope you to update it, using the icon of the page itself for web bookmark, just as Safari did, rather than with a uniform bookmark icon.



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On 5/25/2021 at 2:11 PM, shaonianruntu said:

I hope the main search window of Alfred can following the design style of macOS spotlight , using rounded rectangle. 


Hover over a corner of the window in the Theme editor to change roundness. Check the “Alfred Modern” default theme.



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