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LiveText - quick toggle for macOS 12 Monterey LiveText feature

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Hi, thanks for making this. I've been trying it on my MBA M1 but it failed to works. Here is some log:


[21:20:11.708] Logging Started...

[21:20:17.856] LiveText[Script Filter] Queuing argument '(null)'

[21:20:17.928] LiveText[Script Filter] Script with argv '(null)' finished

[21:20:17.932] STDERR: LiveText[Script Filter] 2021-10-30 21:20:17.861 defaults[3441:72069]

The domain/default pair of (kCFPreferencesAnyApplication, AppleLiveTextEnabled) does not exist

[21:20:17.932] LiveText[Script Filter] {

  "items": [


      "title": "error getting status of LiveText",

      "subtitle": "(please check System Preferences > Language or try again later)",

      "arg": "",

      "valid": "false",





Can you give me some help here ^^

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