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Alfred unexpectedly and frequently closes on macOS 12


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Alfred 4.6 [1266]


Since upgrading to macOS 12 I've noticed that Alfred stops responding to the keyboard shortcut. I relaunch Alfred and it's fine again for a while. Then, after some indeterminate amount of time it stops working again.


I looked through Console and couldn't find anything in the logs.


Sorry this is vague. As I find out more, I'll update this post.

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@JoeC Does Alfred work from his hat menu selecting "Toggle Alfred", i.e. is it just the hotkey which stops working?


We have had a few reports of odd behaviour in Monterey where secure entry (e.g. a password field, or iTerm in secure entry mode) is causing macOS to block any attempts of windows showing where it's not a "user instigated action", i.e. using Alfred's hotkey instead of mouse action. I'm still gathering information on this at the moment as it doesn't seem to be widespread, but could this be related to you?


If this sounds likely, please add any more information you find to this thread:




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